Thursday , August 5 2021

Cristián Sánchez reveals the "grief" that lived in & # 39; Olmué – Festival & # 39; Olmué 2019 – 24 hours

Cristián Sánchez reveals the "grief" of experience in & # 39; Olmué

The animator acknowledged that there was only one thing that has caused "sadness" over the development of competition.



It was a fun situation experienced in the festival scene Huaso de Olmué in his last night, and is the animator contest, Cristián Sánchez revealed the pain happened in & # 39; these days.

Everything happened when introduced some guests including accountn Carmen Gloria Arroyo was f & # 39; El Patagual to promote the new season of its program, But not only was, but also accompanied by her partner, Bernardo Borgeat. There was a saying that animator "How was lucky that her partner akkumpanjawha."

Before this assertion Karen Doggenweiler saqsitu, "But how does takkumpanjakx Diana?", To which responded by Cristián & # 39; sad face "She wegħdetni day" today yes yes, yes yes today "and today is the last night so I believe that tomorrow can & # 39; is, trust mercy", t related.

Following the statements of his friends, Karen could not avoid laugh at the situation.

After the confession of funny animator of & # 39; & # 39 morning; TVN, the show continued normally.

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