Friday , August 12 2022

Daniel Matamala refute parliamentarians false news to share: "They are blatantly"


Words hard to parliamentary authorities and false news had threatened the journalist Daniel Matamala. And it's their judgment, they "undermine b & # 39; blatant way" to receive them as political revenue.

Matamala made these claims in the program 360 ° & # 39; CNN Chile, which focused on three recent cases & # 39; "False news". One of them was the deputy RN, Camila Flores, who said in a radio program that "serious countries are abandoning the UN".

"False. Never & # 39; country withdrew from the United Nations, And neither serious nor not serious, are those that distinguish them, abandoned that organization ", condemned the journalist CNN Chile.

The second case involves a deputy to the PR Fernando Meza, Who said he had received information on TVN there would be practices & # 39; "sex on screen", which were dismissed on the same day by the television station. "The deputy himself must have jiddewwdu and apologize for that falsehood, that Coinciding, launched only after an investigation by a journalist from TVN mentioning that, "adds Matamala.

Finally, the professional remember the words of the deputy RN Leonidas Romero, Which together not say that Chile was "one of the highest & # 39; AIDS rates", linked this fact with the arrival of & # 39; immigrants to the country "double false. Although HIV infections have increased, yet Chile & # 39; away from having the highest rate of & # 39; AIDS patients. And it is also false that "the majority" of migrants are ill. "

"Why public authorities they are so blatantly? "Asking Matamala." From simple ignorance and apathy, perhaps, but also because unfortunately, the bite bears fruit. These false are replicated on social networks without control, Giving prominence, and are intended by those who seek to comply with their ideological prejudices (…) It is a dangerous trend that is destroying public debate and undermines democracy ", he concluded.

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