Thursday , December 9 2021

David Pizarro Herrera compared with & # 39; Totti and Zanetti: He has the power to renew itself


David Pizarro, Who will play his last game as a professional on Sunday, compared to the keeper Johnny Herrera b & # 39; two Italian football legends, ensuring that the master of the University & # 39; Chile has the option to refresh whenever it wants, regardless of the relationship can & # 39; have with the leaders.

"Johnny is one of those players who they renew themselves, Francesco Totti is like or Javier Zanetti, have that power; Nor does it depend on the club to decide which, due weight to"Pizarro explained in an interview with & # 39; The Mercury

However, the "fantasists" understand that dialogue is essential to resolve the internal conflict that led to blue capital with the directive.

"You need a clear conversation between Johnny and Carlos Heller. It would & # 39; shame that the only remaining major reference & # 39; for this institution to emerge from the door & # 39; advance", It condemned.

Pizarro will play this last Sunday his duel as a professional, in visit to Curico and UNIDO, and can & # 39; follow it Virtual Address & # 39;

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