Thursday , August 5 2021

Day fury: small migrant condemns the assaults by the client COPEC | national

Charities sales of Venezuela was attacked physically and verbally While working in the service of COPEC Cartagena, the region of Valparaiso.

insultaha woman because of her nationality, after refusing to pay the fee bathroom. – Facts registered by the local security cameras, Evidence that serves to complain ongoing.

The victim 23 years ago and came in two countries. Once in Chile began works as a salesman the service said.

It was f & # 39; that place where the events occurred. It was in his work schedule with & # 39; female friends, when a woman who tried to enter entered the bathroom & # 39; that place, though it is for public use, Fee must be used.

This, when it was informed that it had to pay to enter, began take violent attitude. He hit the glass door of access to the place and verbally attacked both the local administrator and Venezuela to the girl.

Both committed in & # 39; argument began insults against their nationality. words like 'Hunger Dead " and returned in & # 39; country, accompanied by espletivi, were those most affected victim and also his family, who have submitted a formal complaint with the Carabineros.

Because this is what can not refer to the subject, But Nolimar sister Velázquez made.

Nolimar indicated that it also experience episodes like this, Because of their nationality.

The municipality of Cartagena is aware of the situation. Felix Fuentes, the municipal Public Security director & # 39; that municipality, stated that Monday will address the issue with & # 39; more details and announced the possible actions, Though not confirmed, could be legal.

From COPEC indicated that they are aware of the facts and they will act consistent with its compliance policy all its migrant workers.

This – aggression caught by – security cameras enclosure viralizzati and in social networks.

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