Wednesday , June 23 2021

Denise Rosenthal confronted to the topic called "zorrental"

for Denise Rosenthal m & # 39; there is no problem one faces anyone jinsultaha, particularly when it comes to a man filled with prejudices.

This was clear in the program big Radio"Someone has to do it", which told history of being treated 'zorrental"

"He says to one of the technicians' ah, well, stay with Denise Zorrental, hahaha. "And I heard the he ** po, then have left the tent and said "X & # 39; is ** I say?" ", Said the singer.

The incident was not in & # 39; what. "There is a look at me and say" nothing, if I said Denise Rosenthal, Denise Rosenthal, "I said," you bitch * I thought, if I heard you, I'm here, the tent is a fabric ". He looks at me and says "no, no", and everyone draws with fear & # 39;"

"Għidni" and tell me face to the following conchetu po .. ***** If I had something to say … And constellation terrible Brigida, there was quiet ", he closed.

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