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Deputy Renato Garín resign from the Ethics Committee of the «House Diario y Radio and Chile


His party, the Democratic Revolution, required the legislature to waive the return of & # 39; against aggression.

Thursday 22 & # 39; November 2018 11:33 hrs.


Deputy of the Democratic Revolution, Renato Garín, resigned on Wednesday by the Committee & # 39; Ethics of the House after his community asked him to put aside because of the controversy which has involved with & # 39; Parliamentary adviser to his square.

"Today I am in & # 39; & # 39 situation, high public exposure in my performance as a member of the commission (…). By its nature, the task to rule on the words and actions our colleagues is complex, especially in personal circumstances I find myself ", said the parliamentary f & # 39; statement.

Resignation & # 39; Garín occurs despite the fact that the Commission's own Ethics declared inadmissible denunciation of parliamentary adviser against the deputy.

The legislature in & # 39; constant questioning after he was denounced for aggression. From the Democratic Revolution blame not the first time that Garín is surrounded controversial, because it is losing ground in the gallery.

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