Tuesday , March 28 2023

Destape of & # 39; Ale Valle on Instagram


A trend in the world to see the true woman, in fact there are not many campaigns & # 39; Super models but still use only by women & # 39; real bodies.

F & # 39; that line, the journalist Alejandra Valle (43) surprised with & # 39; strong photo, minutes before the ceremony conducted Copihue de Oro.

The television channel distributed on Instagram image which appears smiling with & # 39; body & # 39; black lace lingerie for Lovelust brand campaign.

She image without retouching that seeks to inspire women to accept and love their bodies as they are.

In its account & # 39; Instagram the animator program Intrusos wrote:

"Within a few minutes one of the most important challenges of my life, to help kopihuedeoro2018 #, I agree with you one of these beautiful photos to @ lovelust.cl".

"SIII #estasoyyo #thisisme and I do not want to feel harassed because I was taking care #amense and be the best version of & # 39; themselves inside and outside", he added.

"Not more #bodyshaming. Photos should only touch up the colors. This is my body", he concluded.

Before that publication there were many Likes adding.

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