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Details & # 39; first interview unrecognized child & # 39; Álvaro Salas Tell Me More


Without knowing his identity for months, the unknown marriage & # 39; Álvaro Salas immopolizza news of the news portals. But this Friday decided to give his face and gives his first interview in Copihue de Oro.

Remember Álvaro Matías Salas acknowledged only a few days ago. After three DNA tests requested by comedian were positive. That is why his appearance & # 39; Matías Rodríguez Salas on the red carpet was one of the most anticipated.

The young man entered the company & # 39; mother Soledad Rodríguez. There were interviews by Mariela Montero and Michael Roldán, for the printing of the newspaper La Cuarta.

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Mariela Montero: "After so many scenarios, why you chose it?"

Soledad Rodríguez: "Having had such a bad time, there was a long and tedious process. X & # 39; it is better to stiedenna and f & # 39; this moment to enjoy. This was the case that you & # 39; do it"

Montero: "It's like a case of & # 39; celebration?"

Rodríguez: "Yes, of course. And it's the debut of & # 39; Matias"

Montero: "It's very similar to the father"

Michael Roldan: "The big debut & # 39; S & # 39 Matías, think about all that you have lived?"

Matías: "It was a difficult year, but after a long storm the sun came out. Now only good news now & # 39; hereinafter"

Roldán: "Are you happy now?"

Matías: "Very happy with & # 39; whatever happened to this day"

Roldán: "Mati stand in the party?"

Matías: "I remain & # 39; and until the end".

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