Monday , November 29 2021

Die Albert Frère, one of the richest businessmen in Europe | international


The Belgian dealer Albert Frère, The most wealthy man The Belgium According to the classification & # 39; Forbes, he died at the age of & # 39; 92, announced on Monday a statement by Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL).

"GBL sadly announces the death of & # 39; Albert Frère. For over three decades, under its impetus, GBL has become one of the largest holdings in Europe," said the statement.

"His professional and human qualities deeply marked our group," the statement has been added.

GBL "quoted in the stock market for more than 60 years, had a market capitalization & # 39; & # 15000 million at 39; September", said the statement.

The firm participates in the capital & # 39; & # 39 scores; companies, including Total oil group and sportswear manufacturer Adidas.

In 2015, Frère left the reins of GBL, but was still its honorary president.

Born 4 & # 39; in February, 1926, He was a child & # 39; manufacturer & # 39; nails and blacksmith products.

Responsible for the family business, Frère invested in steel production, and has become the leading manufacturer in Belgium.

In the early eighties, the beginning of the crisis of the European steel industry, Frère sold his company to the State and diversified in finance.

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