Tuesday , June 22 2021

Diego Maradona: "Let the CONMEBOL be serious and give the cup to Boca" | sports

It was one of the voices was missing for comment after the embarrassment & # 39; River and Boca, and Diego Maradona was categoric about what happened Saturday at the Monumental de Núñez.

"That CONMEBOL be serious and give the cup to Boca. Compliance with & # 39; regulation and sanctions. We removed the items in 2015, now there should be the same sanction, "he said on his Facebook profile.

The resolution of the game will be set up this Tuesday in CONMEBOL, When it meets & # 39; with the presidents of both clubs.

On the "Xeneizes' side, several hours ago claiming victory and they refuse to challenge advertising.

While the team "Millionaire" refuse to be guilty of & # 39; accidents (they took place outside the stadium) and are convinced that yes they will play the round in their court.

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