Friday , October 7 2022

Discover unknown region of the human brain


Scientists have discovered human brain region known until recently.

There is an area in the brain that did not know the & # 39; now, according to the Australian neuroscientist George PAXINOS, in the journal Science Alert.

The expert and his team are developing new atlas & # 39; the anatomy of the brain, after discovering an area they call "endo-restiform nucleus".

This region is in (endo) the inferior cerebellar peduncles (also called body opening). The area participate in the reception & # 39; sensory and motor information for maintaining balance and body movements.

The neurological scientists found that the brain structure while used technique & # 39; relatively new brain stains to clarify tissue imaging of the brain in & # 39; half the preparation of the atlas of their most recent -newanatomija

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