Saturday , June 10 2023

Dj Méndez on Instagram announced his separation from Marcela Duque b & # 39; heartfelt dedication


The musician Dj Mendez and Marcela Duque couple are recognized thanks to their appearances on television, their participation in the double temptation reality as well as a lifetime documentation "The Mendez".

But this is no longer the case, as Leopoldo Méndez announced that no longer together. And made it through & # 39; Instagram.

"Even if we are separated as a couple, You do not know how I'm happy that I know that are still part of my life", Says DJ Méndez party on Instagram.

"Thank you for continuing to share with us cela076 @ f & # 39; these important dates! I hope that friends & # 39; to encourage people like black … I wish the best for you and your family black and that 2019 is a year filled with success and happiness… because if anyone deserves it, you're !!! ", Added the singer.

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Marcela Duque, the former partner of DJ Mendez, responded to this message and more than thanked the musician, He analyzed the 2018 full of changes and focused on its objectives for 2019.

"It was one more year & # 39; upset & # 39; my life. I'm going to live a little and nġorr positive only for next year, "says Duque.

"I learned to say NO, Appreciating my first feelings and does not assess yourself and if you want, nobody will do it for you (cliche? But for me it was like walking mountain), "he added.

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