Tuesday , March 28 2023

"Do not meet the minimum requirements"


On Monday, the mayor & # 39; Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, presented popular new initiative in common: the Open University & # 39; Recoleta, Which will be taught courses, workshops, seminars and lectures by various academics from several universities.

The project It has been highly acclaimed by the community generating positive comments networks, at the same time that many already & # 39; were excited to enroll in different activities to be carried out by 2019.

more information: Open University & # 39; Recoleta: popular new initiative of Mayor Jadue to "demokratizza knowledge"

by – The Ministry of Education (Mineduc) reacted with & # 39; this new institution, It will not teach careers are translated into & # 39; categories and their classes will be held in colleges & # 39; Recoleta b & # 39; nothing for the community.

"The 21.091 Higher Education Law defines universities as institutions, among other topics, focus on training & # 39; graduates and professionals with & # 39; focus on the search for truth and development a & # 39; independent thinking and critical ", He explained to Emol Juan Eduardo Vargas, Head of the Division & # 39; Higher Education Mineduc.

F & # 39; that point, the designated authority institution "Do not complied with & # 39; this procedure & # 39; creation, and its purpose is to dictate courses, workshops, seminars and talks, nor have the university name, because it does not meet the minimum requirements they needed to have that designation and only generate confusion between the students and the rest of the educational community. "

"Clarity and transparency are necessary elements if we want a & # 39; higher education system is & # 39; beneficial for students & # 39; country", he added.

By & # 39; social networks, communal leader answered the questioning of Mineduc: "We did not expect less than that in 2015 told us that the popular pharmacy was unconstitutional. The issue is not the name, but democratization of & # 39; awareness ".

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