Wednesday , December 8 2021

Don Francisco and controversial routine & # 39; Stefan Kramer in Telethon: "We can nikkritigaw"


It is expensive, but it came. After nearly 30 consecutive hours, the Telethon reached its end exceeding the objective set and reached $ 32,851,438,331, hides a number slightly higher than the original and met the organizers of the event, including Don Francisco.

The animator and the main surface of the & # 39; solidarity campaign offered, as usual, a meal & # 39; south & # 39; some of the collaborators and the main surfaces of the event, as Cristián Sánchez, Juan Pablo QUERALTO, Becky G, Leslie Grace, Oscar Álvarez, Power Peralta and Karol Lucero, and thanked the channels of TV for support, artists and those who were present during the long and tiring day.

"I am very pleased that we were able to reach the goal, which is a backup, something we have done for 40 years", said the man Saturday Giant b & # 39; exhaustive existence, because this time the evening lasted more than -soltu. "It's work that all people living in the country do."

telethon ONE

During the press conference, Mario Kreutzberger said in & # 39; this occasion the Telethon program was "modern, different, different", and did not iddisinjah: "I do not want nattribwixxi titles should not, because the program I did not, it was not my ideas, had ideas & # 39; others, a & # 39; new generation had many successes ".

It f & # 39; this sense that television boss was consulted for his eventual retirement, something which for some time has become a subject that did not exclude himself: "You & # 39; rely on, but it does not guarantee. the event & # 39; person & # 39; my age (77) ".

Don Francisco said in & # 39; this occasion his participation was reduced by & # 39; considerably and his desire is that the torch is transferred to a new crop: "This year the entertainers and 70% of drivers made & # 39; this program, that is, I made a very low percentage, for me the real triumph is passing it on to a new generation lasts another 40 years. "

Regarding the difficulties faced campaign & # 39; solidarity, Don Francisco has described this edition as "late Telethon", but ultimately translate into triumph. "Political friend told us that the important thing was to win, and f & # 39; this feeling to win not only the money raised, is the country's support to continue doing what we have done for 40 years."

Leslie Grace and Becky G

In addition, the animator explained that there were several factors that influenced the duration of collaborations, such as the weather: "It was very hot, it is very difficult to stay in & # 39; banking row on 3 & # 39; afternoon. that rite. "

Kramer vs. Kramer

One of the high points of the closing of the Telethon was the humorous routine & # 39; Stefan Kramer, who imitated the program & # 39; Pasapalabra successful challenge to the role his driver Julian Elfenbein President Sebastián Piñera and as a participant faced the Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

The show was well commented on social networks and even criticized by some users for identity politics and criticism of & # 39; & # 39 elements; contingencies such as murder citizen Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca by police officers, among other things.

F & # 39; this regard, Don Francisco, who is known to try to keep a certain political neutrality and avoid this kind of & # 39; conflicts while on the Telethon broadcasts, said he "did not know about this routine "and then added that" everyone should make responsible for this is a program & # 39; unit, is a program that we want to get together to all Ċiljani, and that is the most important thing, if someone does something does not correspond to & # 39; it is absent from our desire ".

Although he was critical of the presentation of the comedian, Don Francisco explained that "we can not lack of & # 39; censorship, each must be censors".

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