Sunday , June 26 2022

Don Francisco asks to defend to the Armed Forces and Carabineros "They pride for this country"


There is only one day left so that this Friday night will start a new day & # 39; & # 39 Marathon; "27 hours of & # 39; the love" of the Telethon, and earlier, don Francisco, Went walking through & # 39; different media to tell the details of the edition & # 39; this year.

In your participation cooperative, Open to questions from the auditors, was asked how he intended to handle this time of year to receive the contributions of the Armed Forces and Karabinerieri, because of the strong social questions faced after murder & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca, and known to the members of the Army have been selling weapons to drug traffickers and that the authorities were aware.

"As always," he replied, and then proceeded to carry out a strong defense of the uniform: "Do not nagħtix views, will give opinion: we as citizens have to defend, first, the body & # 39; Carabineros, is an institution great. it is true that there there were situations that are not correct, the offender should be corrected and punished, But as a Chilean citizen who traveled throughout Latin America, I would tell you that the body & # 39; Carabineros is a pride for the country. "

Mario Kreutzberger also said that "in & # 39; m other countries & # 39; have the same prestige as here".

"As regards the other Armed Forces, the Ċiljani also must fight to keep them in the right place and be proud, can not have a country that does not feel proud of its Armed Forces"He added.

Finally, the animator called it "that made a mistake, that jikkastigawh", but qualified more & # 39; hereinafter that the above is "a very small thing that was very political use, a situation where a commander Boss made a mistake and in għarafha, we all make mistakes. "

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