Sunday , June 26 2022

Don Francisco begins Telethon 2018 b & # 39; National emotional speech


B & # 39; emotional speech Don Francisco began Telethon 2018, Review the history of the foundation now has 40 years.

The event animator of & # 39; solidarity began by stressing "I pay tribute to the First Firm Cecilia Morel accompanying us tonight", To clarify that they can not rely on the presence of President Sebastián Piñera, located at the G20 in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires.

Then went on to say that "We have already participated in 100,000 family & # 39; those 40 years, Families were able to get ahead in & # 39; this beautiful crusade & # 39; solidarity, that we are all complete. "

"We all built it"Added Don Francisco, thanked the public and the authorities that are part of this campaign.

"Most of us are willing to collaborate until our abilities and our bodies let us (…) This was done in Chile, a country made", Is launched.

Thereafter, the animator surprised by presenting historical entertainers to the event & # 39; charity had in four & # 39; decades & # 39; history, including Alfredo Fuentes, Andrea Tessa, Leo Caprile, Paulina Nin de Cardona Pablo Aguilera.

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