Saturday , June 25 2022

Don Francisco motive to the Ċiljani to support to the Telethon in its 40 anniversary


Under the Song notes Happiness and mythical piece "I send my heart", this Friday began fortieth edition of the Telethon, by Don Francisco, at the beginning of & # 39; 27 hours they intend to collect funds for nursing homes.

"I did not do it alone, made a country, we did together." After an old house on the street, orphans with Sotomayor, inbiddluha f & # 39; 14 centers across the country. million & # 39; persons with & # 39; disability in Chile, and promoted several legislative initiatives, we in right with the Inclusion Law ", said the historic leader of the initiative & # 39; solidarity.

Animators & # 39; Teleton ONE AGENCY

Don Francisco added that "when we mimsusna, have changed the Telethon word for solidarity, to rebuild the country at the time of & # 39; natural disasters. Today I nidderezza 70% of the population to go to the office Bank. Chile and make a special contribution. "

Don Francisco reminded all animators who participated in the programs marathon & # 39; 39 previous edition, some present in the theater Teletón, others deceased.

The First Lady of the Republic, Cecilia Morel de Piñera and part of the executive cabinet headed by President Andrés Chadwick, were present at the opening of the 2018 Telethon.

Blackboard of & # 39; Teleton UN Agency


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