Monday , May 23 2022

Donald Trump calls for Apple to stop manufacturing in China


EThe President of the United States Donald Trump told reporters Friday that Apple wants the company manufactures its products in the US rather than in China.

"Apple makes its products in China. I said to Tim Cook [presidente ejecutivo de Apple], Who is my friend, that I am very like, & # 39; Make your products in the United States & # 39 ;, "said the president, adding that the technology giant has" build those big plants nice "in the United States, since China is currently the largest recipient, because it contains the bulk of production.

"I want to make their Apple iPhones and all the great things to do in the United States and to do so," concluded Trump.

Apple "will be good"?

The statement by the president of the United States comes shortly after Apple reduced its revenue forecast for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, due to the decline in sales of the iPhone in China.

On Thursday, the Apple shares fell to 9.4% in opening operations of Wall Street. However, the president of the United States said that the company "will be good."

F & # 39; December, court & # 39; Fuzhou issued a preliminary injunction to prohibit the sales & # 39; some iPhone models in the Asian country because of a patent dispute between the US chip Qualcomm and Apple.

Under note Qualcomm, measures affecting the distribution of & # 39; patterns ranging from iPhone to iPhone 6S X. Apple, meanwhile, filed a court appeal the decision & # 39; Fuzhou.

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