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England | championship | Marcelo Bielsa has set up training to congratulate Patrick Bamford to end Leeds United | VIDEO


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The UK Championship is always a fight, but in the current season 2018-19 there was a special attraction: Marcelo Bielsa. Trained by & # 39; experience took over a & # 39; Leeds United, Immediately feel the way you work, the style of the game and achieved good results, because it is possible & # 39; is to get promotion.

Although knew laborious work Loco Bielsa asked his team, to today's tournament had a nice touch with & # 39; one of the attackers to make the team. The coach ran practices, this time with a prepared play during a game, and the most prominent f & # 39; these movements were Patrick Bamford.

The attacker, after a long pass, defined first, volley, leaving no chance to stop the young goalkeeper William Huffer. The goal led to joy & # 39; Marcelo Bielsa, That went fast, b & # 39; acceleration & # 39; a small step, to his player to jifraħh for action had just made. The other participants pointed to the fact with laughter.

Patrick Bamford and Marcelo Bielsa have been linked to & # 39; another, and then was completed with training. The English striker & # 39; 25 years working hard to get more continuity with & # 39; Leeds United to climb premier League, Since it was only in & # 39; five games in the current tournament, and added 53 minutes.


Patrick Bamford he scored 11 in view & # 39; & # 41 match with 39; Middlesbrough last season League.

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