Sunday , June 4 2023

"Enough of this lie": Women's Minister denies verbal aggression against Colombian journalist


"This Colombian does not come", that was the controversial phrase attributed to the Women's Ministry and Gender Equality, Isabel Pla and motivated to Journalists Association & # 39; Magallanes to criticizes , under which, for an attack on a foreign reporter who asked awkward questions.

The event originated on Thursday, f & # 39; activity in which PLA conducted activity associated with the plan "Do not miss" which was developed in & # 39; Punta Arenas, in the Region & # 39; Magallanes. Until then came the journalist Paola Patiño Colombians who, according to local newspaper The Magellanic, Try a question about possible budget cuts to combat violence based on gender. The publication says that f & # 39; that moment the minister declined to respond and the air was saying the controversial phrase, which heard from fotografjalizzaturi.

As a result of the fact, this week the College of Journalists issued a statement criticizing a plasma. "We can not accept discriminatory treatment suffered by our colleague from local TV channel Patagonia ITV, precisely the authority has to protect it" task, are posted on their official account & # 39; Twitter.

Defense minister

It was just this Sunday when the PLA Minister had defended herself. Using his Twitter account also denied that the episode had occurred.

"Enough of this is, categorically denies the version of & # 39; alleged attack on a Colombian journalist", said the official.

He added that "my attitude was and always will be & # 39; respect for man, for truth and for journalism, to do his work".

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