Wednesday , December 8 2021

Everton announced the departure of & # 39; Javier Torrente


The coach & # 39; Argentina took in & # 39; hands half year Viñamarinos and salvahom from relegation.

In – last date & # 39; Championship & # 39; 2018 Scotiabank, Everton earned a victory against San Luis visitors and ensure their stay in the First Division.

The great responsible arrival back was viñamarinos Javier Torrente. Argentina made the team in & # 39; mid-year at the end posts and eleven Hallah.

By & # 39; statement, the "leaders" announced failure & # 39; continuity & # 39; Rosario.

The Everton Club & # 39; Viña del Mar wants to thank Javier Torrente and the staff & # 39; His training for what they have done in the team, after a historic campaign during the second half of 2018, adding 25 points and kept Everton in the First Division.

Under the command of & # 39; Torrente, Everton de Viña del Mar not only finished first of the second round five, but ended the year in eleventh position, having done a good job both on and outside the field.

The Argentine technician known, thanks to the good relationship he had with the Pachuca Group, came in & # 39; mid-year with the sole purpose of maintaining the category, reached completely. For this reason, and for all the work done, with humility and perseverance, Torrente won the affection of all institutions and supporters & # 39; Oro y Cielo.

With a mission carried out and completed 2018 Scotiabank League, Everton de Viña del Mar informed that personal projects Javier Torrente will not renew the club Cielo Oro, and end its process under the command of team. Along with his technical staff, he will have open doors in our institution and we believe that our paths will meet again.

We wish you a professional and personal success in your future challenges.

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