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Everyone thought he had beer trunk, but it turned out it was cancer tumor & # 39; 77 pound


For months, the young Californjan Hector Hernandez saw his belly grow and grow to the point to prevent it from binding to the defeat his shoes. but what are all attributed to belly & # 39; & # 39; beers & # 39 ;, turned out to be aggressive tumors & # 39; 77 pounds, the greatest doctors ever seen.

"Never thought I was fat. I've always been a great guy," says Hernandez The New York Times about one year and a half lived without knew the true cause of his proper thickness, the time at which He listened & # 39; all kinds & # 39; comment.

One day in & # 39; man store approached him, grabbed his stomach and told him not to drink because it was good for him. "I just wanted and told him that turning a blind eye", Relates to & # 39; Times.

Neither eating too much, but he continued to try diet based solely on plants to see if he could & # 39; lowers his belly young. Everything was in vain. Shortly after Look like "beach bullet" raised him even when sitting down to work on his desk.

The man & # 39; 47 years already suffering from constipation, burning & # 39; heartburn and shortness & # 39; breathing at that time, so it decided to consult doctor who answered that "some people simply gaining weight in & # 39; different ways".

But because his stomach still felt heavy and firm to the touch, decided to seek a second opinion.

He was never imagine what is the diagnosis: Liposarcoma, a strange form of & # 39; cancer originating from fat cells and had become a giant tumor in his abdomen.

77 pounds, "the biggest thing I saw", Tseng tells you to f & # 39; interview & # 39; New York Times tispjegaha Usually these tumors weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

So great was that he basically "swallowed" one kidney & # 39; Hernandez, who had removed during surgery & # 39; six hours. The good news is that the tumor has not spread to other organs.

but it is very likely that the sarcoma again & # 39; back, Even more aggressively. Doctors still could not decipher why these types & # 39; tumors are original, how to prevent and to solve them the only solution is surgery.

Hernandez is currently recovering and collecting funds to pay medical expenses through & # 39; GoFundMe campaign.

Remains & # 39; positive: "I feel great, I just think I strengthen myself", Excludes.

A rarity

The Liposarcomas not only look belly. They can also form after knee or thigh and, of & # 39; often, on the neck, the vulva or grant.

These are very rare. Its incidence is & # 39; 1 f & # 39; 100,000 per person and usually affects adults between 40 and 60 years.

Like Hernandez, the most & # 39; people with Liposarcoma do not feel sick. The tumor (which can & # 39; be firm or soft to the touch) is not painful. physical examination is the first step in his diagnosis.

With immunotherapy managed to control metastases and lead a normal life


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