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It is one of the most fear & # 39; currently. And yet, we all know someone who unfortunately suffers. although cancer It is not the first cause of death in the world (that dubious honor is cardiovascular disease) Gives us a lot fear & # 39;.

Thousands of & # 39; theories run on it. it is the air we breathe, To – eat food, aerosols, Teflon pans in, Palm oil, there are also people who indicate the magnets in the refrigerator. The question is simple, but the answer is: why? we get sick cancer?

A. Nuño

It is man's best friend but not exempt from suffering diseases, some so terrible and lethal as gastric dilation and torsion

Of course it is a problem that has been studied for many years. Perhaps before we talk about more "philosophy" because we point out the "how", which seems easier to answer and leave the land theories on free will and the fate of each person.


Although the French production "One life time"Very Għallemna, we remember: people are made of cells. How to explain in & # 39; & # 39; The Conversation & # 39 ;, they all have special tasks. They build our various bodies such the skin, brain and our bones. Some cells (such as the brain and bone) can live for many years, while others (such as red blood cells) Live only a few weeks. Although it sounds cliché, we size a star in the sky. A beautiful paradox poetic

But & # 39; happens when, without explanation, these cells begin to grow and stay mad, and refuse to die? This is exactly how cancer begins. They can grow to forming tumor or, f & # 39; some cases, such as – leukemia, Spreading in our blood.

When cells start growing out of control and refuse to die, fear nippronunzjaw word & # 39;

The cancer cells can also be moved to other parts of our body which is usually found. This makes the important organs Prevent your work and jġegħluna feel very bad or even that we will die.

The DNA mystery

the genome is – set & # 39; genes located in -. t chromosome. The cells contain the instructions to make copies of themselves, which are stored in the said genome, Which is made of an element certainly heard & # 39; and called DNA. And to introduce a curious concept: the DNA & # 39; everyone humans on the planetIn chain, reaching the moon seven & # 39; & # 39 times and come; back.

Hello, we chromosomes.
Hello, we chromosomes.

But if that side aside, this DNA code is made only four & # 39; "letters" chemical different: A, C, T and G.. And the instructions in & # 39; each cell are formed by 6 billion these letters. Each of them is divided to make his own copy. of Chinese work, clearly, is demonstrated perfectly here:

But, of course, as happen to humans, Sometimes cells are also bad, and this is what we call the mutation errors. When "shoot" and grow out of control, that they cause tumors.

And now why

We know how, but maybe I already know it, but what really matters to us is why. Because there are people who get sick and someone who does? Because there are cases & # 39; people who do not affumikawx in life and to be? lung cancer? Why one and not I? (Or vice versa).

Researchers have been asking the same question for years. They think that is a mixture of & # 39; bad luck and bad decisions. Sun exposure, alcohol, tobacco, food and even some some viruses can increase our chances of mutations in DNA. As these changes take a long time to accumulate, cancer appears more often in adults.

Sometimes children may suffer, but fortunately relatively rare. usually, evolution to decrease the fact that people had the disease, but since most people jikkuntrattawha having had children, evolution does not act. People can & # 39; increased risk of & # 39; cancer because of their genes enough to live transmit those genes your children

You & # 39; reduce the chance of suffering by taking decisions & # 39; lifestyle b & # 39; strong and sensible, But it is not possible to completely prevent it. We can almost say never b & # 39; certainty because a person has cancer, that 'why' is not mathematical formula and still can not be completely resolved. Maybe one day.

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