Tuesday , July 27 2021

Exhibitions massive conurbation tested after warning about the tsunami evacuation

The summer season marks the arrival of & # 39; hundreds & # 39; Tourists prefer the region attractions & # 39; Coquimbo to take a holiday, on Saturday in the coastal edge night conurbation containing various scenarios such as Sativa Festival in & # 39; Espacio Peñuela, the musical "Pirates of the Caribbean" "From Mall Plaza, trubuto for Pink Floyd at Casino Enjoy.

At 10: 32 pm, a strong earthquake & # 39; 6.7 Richter hit area and surprised the whole family to enjoy various activities. The confusion and uncertainty took its inhabitants, visitors and tourists minutes later received on their mobile phones warning & # 39; Emergency set preventive evacuation with the threat of tsunami.

Minutes & # 39; panic will mark certificates of night celebrations of 19 & # 39; January and registered in the memory of the moving pictures left by seismic movement, the most in the historic center of & # 39; La Serena b & # 39; landslides and avalanches of & # 39; old facades.

In the music event "Pirates of the Caribbean", the votes were not able to complete his six function and more than 3 thousand spectators quickly evacuated the area & # 39; parking of shopping center .

Plaza Mall issued a press release announcing the status & # 39; artists and discard new function & # 39; in the show & # 39; La Serena.

"The function of the musical" Pirates of the Caribbean "was canceled and yet can not be repeated. The Our teams are focused on re & # 39; begin normal operation to ensure the safety of our employees, "said the document.

B & # 39; parallel, but in Space Peñuela de Coquimbo, became Sativa Festival, is expected to show that promised a unique experience with & # 39; artists such as Caleta e & # 39; cumbia, El Chala Plan, Conexión Band, among others . However, the seismic movement has changed the programming provided presenting the speaker, Marilyn Grouping, Black Arrow, and Santa Guachupe Feria.

The producer Pega When PRODUCCIONES responsible Sativa Festival organization reported that after the massive evacuation, talking with & # 39; musicians who did not realize their show to offset the hundreds & # 39; attendees.

Meanwhile, the Enjoy Casino, the situation was not much different, deployment & # 39; people were on the beach at the time was added & # 39; the evacuation site.

According to accounts & # 39; people who were in tribute to & # 39; Pink Floyd, mass & # 39; & # 39 moved people; forward b & # 39; difficulty to Route 5 North, transfer was complicated by impudenza of & # 39; some drivers tried desperately to reach safe areas.

On the contrary Us and Them, which was presented at the Ball Room of the casino, they reported that the earthquake did not realize before seen huge issue & # 39; attendees.

"There is a seismic culture, they all left, but many in the car, which hampered the evacuation, but the overlap & # 39; so water generated exhibitions & # 39; people. F & # 39; some point everyone connected, "said Elizabeth Salinas, choir singer.

After the earthquake of 6.7 Richter which had its epicenter f'Tongoy, recorded a series of aftershocks that kept the population in & # 39; suspension until the morning hours of the morning.

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