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Exsargento attributed to death & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca: "The people who were on the tractor rimettjawx us" – national


© Agency One Exsargento attributed the death of & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca:

The statement before the prosecutor's office is Carlos Alarcon, former investigator that was what made the bullet that killed the members of the community.



A new declaration is essential in the death investigation komunier Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca, who died by impact & # 39; bullet in the neck killed by police officers on 14 & # 39; November.

this għamelha Former Sergeant Carlos Alarcon, One of the four uniform & # 39; attributes investigated as police made the bullet that killed a Catrillanca.

Alarcon, tell us how La Tercera, recognized in its second statement, Made the last 17 & # 39; November before the public prosecutor Jorge Calderón, at first – made on the 15 & # 39; November – I failed some things:

"It nikkomplementa the statement & # 39; before by noting that the position that we were against was the following: Having passed the third barrier (a road cut), I had to walk about 15 meters when I met & # 39; blue tractor driven by topic and accompanied ", he started saying.

He added: "The first thing I did was close to him to stop, while pointing towards the vehicle with my service weapon "and ġġustifikatha" This did because over time we walked we receive information from staff who were traveling by helicopter (…) and remarked that three subjects were obtained stolen vehicles had climbed on a tractor. C & # 39; est why decided to tiktebhom. "

By not ssottomettilhomx, according to his testimony, decided to expel them: "When we met, I read phrases like & # 39; alto, carabinero & # 39;, Stay there. However, the maneuver tractor was short and advanced immediately, leaving me close to the curve. Then I took the decision to do if I do not remember exactly four & # 39; five direct shots to the tractor ".

He says he is sure that indicate the lower part of the vehicle "without being able & # 39; specifies whether the right or to the left" of his idea "He was bring them stop."

He added that the tractor passed a few meters and stopped on the side. He saw that A person got herself & # 39; hands and when approaching the tractor he could & # 39; see it "The other subject had a head wound (…) and he sat loaded on the right".

He also acknowledged that both Catrillanca and his partner were not armed and clarify "the people who were on the tractor rimettjana"

On these facts, the prosecution formalized ex-sergeant Carlos Alarcon and Raúl Ávila for crimes & # 39; murder, attempted & # 39; murder and obstruction of the investigation.


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