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"Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go" – in its version "Pikachu!" or "Eevee!"– was the most serial & # 39; Nintendo for 2018, Which marks several steps for the Japanese company.

It is on The first version of the saga exclusively for home consoles, In addition to generation changes in traditional trapping mechanisms a & # 39; Pokemon.

some fans were very happy to discover that this year the Pokémon videogame integrating the features of mobile application launched by NIANTIC (Pokemon called GO) and only in 2019 they have with traditional delivery mechanisms of the saga.

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the – Criticisms have been raised and the last 16 & # 39; November was released "Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go", The vast majority katalogata version of & # 39; followers as "not true for gamers".

However, the criticism seems to have been founded less than a week after its launch, "Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go" became the videogame with the highest initial sale, which ran more than 3 million copies, Which exceeded all Nintendo titles, Switch.

Another merit is as managed to get & # 39; get fans. Some pointed out that thanks to "Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go" managed Share your favorite series with your small children the or that the remake (or reimagination) of & # 39; first generation & # 39; Pokemon gave a the possibility of returning to the world that took them in the nineties.

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But one – stories that have the most users & # 39; social networks is that GrumpyFinn on Reddit, Who commented as thanks to the new version at the end you & # 39; enjoy the series marked his childhood.

the – woman has loss of vision due to cataracts – opacity of the natural lens of the eye that is behind the iris and pupil – the leading cause of blindness in the world.

The condition do not allow this to enjoy video games of the saga, since they were thrown on portable consoles with tiny screens and b & # 39; low resolution.

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