Sunday , December 5 2021

FIFA officials make much money paid to Madrid


As remarked newspaper AS, The – FIFA officials had already made – amount & # 39; money given to – Real Madrid to "loans" to their players in the sections in last summer had World Cup of Russia.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Tottenham, Barcelona and PSG will be the teams that will receive more money to give to their players to the national team participated in 32 EU world. B & # 39; all, a total of 416 team & # 39; 63 countries will be divided into 209 million dollars (183 million euros) by days & # 39; transfer to the players.

the – Manchester City will be the team that most benefited from the distribution. The English team will receive 5 million dollars (4.4 million euros). the – Real Madrid will occupy second place receives a total of & # 39; 4.81 million dollars (4.2 M €). the – Barcelona, Fourth & # 39 ;, enter 4.15 million dollars (3.6 million euros), while Atlético, in eighth position, will receive almost 3.1 million dollars (2.71 million euros).

The European power

The ten groups that will receive more than income World Cup of Russia They will be European. In addition to the five mentioned at the beginning, will also Chelsea, Manchester United, Atlético de Madrid, Juventus and Monaco. The English clubs will be those that distribute more money exchange FIFA: 37.4 million dollars (€ 32.8 M) among 38 club affiliated with – British Federation.

B & # 39; all, 26 Spanish club will receive "compensation" for the transfer of players. Along with & # 39; Real Madrid, Barça and Athletic, The – Sevilla will also come in & # 39; more than a million (€ 1.45 million). the – Sporting he will receive less: $ 39 620 (€ 34747.93).

The distribution criterion

The & # 39; distribution criteria will be based on payment & # 39; $ 8530 per day (starting two weeks before the opening match) and borrowed player. F & # 39; another time, the resulting amount for each player will be distributed in proportion between the clubs which the player in question was registered in the two years preceding the date of elimination of his choice.

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