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Five keys to living culture & # 39; innovation in your company


  • Oracle and the European Business University Hyper Island provide valuable advice to start the process & # 39; modernization of companies, f & # 39; time marked by uncertainty and opportunities brought by new technologies.

Santiago, 23 & # 39; November, 2018.-Rise & # 39; emerging technologies and their implementation in the business world and in the lives of people marked the beginning of & # 39; what is known as the fourth & # 39; industrial revolution. This historic event causes, again & # 39; another, that companies invent themselves to remain competitive.

To succeed, organizations must be willing to change their mind and go beyond what they already know. One way to achieve this has been proposed by Oracle, which together with the European Business University Hyper Island, presented & # 39; Oracle Trends & # 39 ;, that brought events together specialists in finance and technology, to better understand the challenges labor & # 39; their day and b & # 39; so co-create better solutions that drive the digital transformation and innovation ecosystem in their companies.

As a summary of the meeting, both companies emphasize five keys that enable companies to empower themselves through innovation:

1) Include innovation within strategy

Being aware of the need to innovate, managers usually take steps & # 39; decisions ranging from the appointment of & # 39; person responsible for the transformation, opening & # 39; new divisions or related technology implementation & # 39; laboratory & # 39; innovation. Although these projects are valuable, will soon lose the horizon and their efficiency if, first, the managers do not stop to think about how to approach the innovation b & # 39; strategic way, ie b & # 39 ; clear goals & # 39; to turn to, the results you expect to get. and clarity in the resources needed to achieve it.

2) Administer a preferential place in the culture and working teams

Considering innovation as a pillar of organizational culture will serve as support for the transformation. This involves questioning about the & # 39; working groups composed then make strategy & # 39; viable innovation. Once these profiles are adopted, companies have to work on developing their team to generate strengths through & # 39; continuous training, because the true digital transformation is the first cultural and can not be outside -People.

Likewise, it is important to give priority to diversity in teams, not only because the area & # 39; experience, but also because of the generation to which they belong, which include baby boomers, Millennials and Zeta, The ways & # 39; and see the world put new perspectives on the table.

3) increase dare

At the same time, employees should feel comfortable taking risks. From an area of ​​& # 39; comfort can not understand x & # 39; is happening in the world, how do you learn when taking risks. Just by losing the fear & # 39; of & # 39; bankruptcy, members & # 39; organization may arise smoothly to rethink and re-trying until they get the correct formula.

"The only way to ensure sustainable business over time and professional b & # 39; date knowledge, is reluctant to burn and re & # 39; obtained by & # 39; constant way. If naċċettawx that we should be constantly taught, it is very difficult for us to take advantage of opportunities to bring the information age ", said Sandra GUAZZOTTI, general manager of Oracle Chile.

4) Be aware of the world we live in

The companies developed world V.U.C.A., a term coined in the era of the Cold War by its acronym in English. This refers to what is volatile (Volatile) and rapidly changing Uncertain as defined without such a course. These factors create context complex (Complex), due to the large number of & # 39; variables to be considered in making decisions, and ambiguous (Ambiguous), ie, b & # 39; & # 39 infinite number, shades and grays, where opinions differ as people jaħsbuhom.

The understanding of the current scenario is the starting point to establish a long-term strategy whose aim would be to reduce the uncertainty & # 39; this world V.U.C.A.

5) Find a method that favors the discovery of & # 39; new perspectives

F & # 39; this scenario where we do not know x & # 39; is tomorrow, it is important to find opportunities where others threats. Hyper Island and invite use Oracle & # 39; disruptive methodologies – strategic planning & # 39; organizations, such as design thinking, Allowing you to create innovative and collaborative solutions. Also, they set as a basic requirement to identify the true "Work to be done", namely, that love problem and not the solution, solve b & # 39; more creative way

The application & # 39; this type of & # 39; tool allows avoiding direction without projects and expand your horizons to understand how best to meet what your customers are really looking for.

Plan innovation, integrating teams & # 39; intergenerational work and find methodologies that facilitate the exploration & # 39; new perspectives, are key factors & # 39; ecosystem to transform the company.

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