Sunday , April 2 2023

Former actor & # 39; Channel 13 was married by Church & # 39; this weekend.


In the 11 & # 39; in November, the actor Cristián Arriagada, He was married to the civil designer, María Cecilia González. intimate ceremony took place during the day and accounted by the presence of & # 39; the next couple.

But this weekend, the former gallant of & # 39; channel 13He married in church. Link to the French Yann Yvin, was in charge of the division through the stories of & # 39; his Instagram, which showed romantic commitment of the player.

It should be noted that the new boyfriend began a relationship in 2012, after the player Nicolás Zabaleta, take ġużeż by Jorge Zabaleta, presenter, since he was sure that can & # 39; a strong chemistry between them, and this was the case, since then, they separawx again.

Check below, some marriage records & # 39; Cristián Arriagada and María Cecilia González:

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