Friday , December 3 2021

From this Saturday will apply the rate type in drinking water consumption


The Superintendence of Health Services announced between this Saturday, 1 & # 39; December and the 31 & # 39; March will govern the highest period for health companies customers.

B & # 39; this way, the measure can & # 39; & # 39 is translated; increases & # 39; accounts in & # 39; event exceeded the threshold of & # 39; overconsumption, which becomes a call to focus on their bills and consumption of their drinking water.

The excess consumption rate, in most healthcare companies, is applied to 40 cubic meters, as defined in & # 39; each of the respective tariff decrees.

This means that it applied to the cubic meters of & # 39; consumed water having passed the threshold of & # 39; monthly. F & # 39; event average consumption in the non-peak period exceeding 40 m3, only consumption in & # 39; cubic meters exceeding its own media is affected by the rate of over-consumption.

"We are facing delicate moments on water scarcity, not only in Chile, but the world. This is a phenomenon that m & # 39; longer seasonal and became a reality that we face, so the call is to take water view, not only in & # 39; these peak periods, but also throughout the year "commented to the Superintendent of Sanitary Services, Ronaldo Bruna.

This maximum period applies only to the regions of Arica and Tarapacá, to La Araucania. The rest of the southern area has a flat-rate unlimited & # 39; overconsumption.

F & # 39; this context, the Superintendence of some advice for the responsible consumption & # 39; water:

1. Cut & # 39; the stopcock if you will be & # 39; out of your home for more than a day.

2. The water used for cooking eggs can & # 39; is used to water the plants. It also provides nutrients by its cover.

3. Close the water tap while cooking teeth. B & # 39; this way you save about 12 liters of water per minute.

4. Take short showers and close the key when preparing or applying shampoo. You save on average 120 liters each time.

5. To drink water, do not let the tap run; up & # 39; 12 liters of water per minute is spent. Preferred to use a flask or bottle in the refrigerator.

6. Install water savers in washing clothes keys, sinks and showers to reduce consumption at home. They are very cheap!

7. Clean your faucet filters once a year.

8. Fix all keys to flaking You & # 39; save 180 liters.

9. Graduate to open the key to what you need. Tiftħux completely if not required.

10. Do not let the water run while shaving. This implies savings & # 39; about 24 liters of water every two minutes.

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