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(Gallery) massive competition in dazzling artistic display & # 39; Days of visits Rehabilitation


CIn a spectacular technical deployment and staging surprise of & # 39; artists and entertainers, developed the block & # 39; morning XXXI Conference for Rehabilitation & # 39; Magallanes 2018 a very early stage.

10 & # 39; in the morninghead
Yesterday the occurrence of & # 39; this big charity show with & # 39; the
Block children, which was held in the gym facilities
Tax, which covered only in & # 39; this child a segment
Participation near & # 39; 1,200 people.

This scenario, joy, solidarity and optimism were the most
atmosphere & # 39; those who were at the event, with a view
you can & # 39; achieve the desired goal & # 39; 720 million pesos.

the number of & # 39; balls and led lights around the place were
The touch of color ħawwar this act & # 39; charity true
Collaborative party.

In turn, the parents took the opportunity to reproduce themselves together
and their children & # 39; artists and characters from children
they have always been demolished & # 39; with their Karisma and their delivery in
scene, the heart & # 39; all Magellanic.

In this regard, Patricia
Alvarado, who participated in mother & # 39; this event, expressed to El Diario
Penguin that "we have again to collaborate with the Conference
as we do every year. The Telethon never took into account
Magallanes and it is good to Punta Arenas and the region have been mobilized,
For this reason, many years ago we organized our own days.
I also thank Jack Juanito. My daughter is a fan of it. this one
character has been going on for many years and its participation is remarkable ".

Infant Block


this one
block & # 39; in the morning had a wide range & # 39; a & # 39; presentations, which
They filled the show with life. Count on stopping & # 39;
Geppeto, the show Chispita the Clown, Gisselle Cárdenas, the show & # 39;
Polvorita, the show of the Red Nosed, Magic Dance group from the center
Therapeutic The Prince & # 39; Pre-Basic School & # 39; Punta Arenas,
large display of & # 39; Gato Juanito and presentation & # 39; Star Wars, a & # 39; School

In the event, El Diario PINGUINO talk with & # 39; many artists:

Gato Juanito

the –
The character expressed feeling very excited. "Starting from
morning, a very early stage to enable & # 39; to do this show. Y
Up in & # 39; this beautiful scenery, b & # 39; so many people willing to
collaborate and be accompanied by an impressive community & # 39; Magellanic,
the m & # 39; there is no one like this in Chile, one feels very excited,
was, is and will always be a wonderful experience. "

Polvorita Clown

Strong energy said that "we are very happy, they are almost 15
years collaborate with Days. And we'll just start this morning
all the energy and strength to activate people to collaborate.
I invite all people to join & # 39; this activity. I get bored
the child block with Gato Juanito and is a way of giving back to Gata
The public & # 39; Magellanic I am therefore very pleased that I once again & # 39; back in & # 39; it
XXXL version of the Conference ".


Oscar Spain

the –
professional said he was emitting segment for almost 10 years
boy / girl Given & # 39; so, the actor said that "the child is one block me
Favorites is a little exhaustive traveling from Porvenir,
because I there yesterday morning and today (yesterday) come in & # 39; Punta
Sand, but the mood is not reduced. The desire to be like here
has x & # 39; relates & # 39; commitment & # 39; solidarity & # 39; these days. The years
talk and support in & # 39; concrete facts building & # 39; new center
a & # 39; & # 39 in rehabilitation; Port W
plague, national and international with great admiration that there & # 39; it obrayon, so one can not subtract. I enjoyed, we laugh, we dance and it is transmitted through people. "

Pilar Miranda

My super important, both Magellanic, as communicator
regional, to be able to & # 39; to give people and corn & # 39; sand,
participate, motivate, accompany the children's block,
It also identifies me a lot, because I have small children, so I
I know that I am the love child music is very enjoyable
fall & # 39; year after year and contribute with & # 39; this tremendous cause. It's like granite & # 39;
sand can & # 39; one gives, beyond money. "

Rodrigo Henríquez

"They are already veryfollows
years to participate in the Conference and we come here to deliver energies
good vibes and positive and encourage people. The idea of ​​& # 39; it is
pass the goal is $ 720 million, no less than the figure, is a
a very high figure, but the Magellanic is totally different, a
totally beautiful race that we want as communicators,
as entertainers, encourage the whole community to contribute and add them
sand granite ", said Rodrigo, animator of the event & # 39; solidarity.

Paola Tapia

my first year participating in & # 39; this beautiful cause and pride
belong and belong to this alliance & # 39; solidarity. Starting with & # 39; a
dream & # 39; 6 children and today we nirriabilitaw children, adolescents and adults
senior And I & # 39; subscribe b & # 39; & # 39 wall; sand as surface
represents my channel is different platforms: the newspaper, the web and
TV for addressing topics & # 39; rehabilitation. And to be able to & # 39; motivate and popes
I am also a daughter with & # 39; this alliance & # 39; solidarity
I feel very happy, "said the host of the conference.

Youth Block

F & # 39; this context, the section startedYoung schedule 16 to 19 hours.

this space, the community participation was slightly compared to & # 39;
the large influx of & # 39; people that occurred in yesterday morning. without
However, monetary donations are still coming
various schools and companies, which – input –
Distribuidora Oviedo, who donated more than 6 million pesos.


this one
The block containing various presentations, a presentation calendar
Paz Solar Dance School, the AK-47 group, the singer Valentina
Spain, Love Rain K-Pop, the cosplay show, the presentation & # 39; Roberto
Matulic, the dancehall of & # 39; Gyals Queen, a musical tribute to 31 minutes,
Matías Vega and the group & # 39; Cumbia Lalo CUMAs.

Valentina Spain

to participate in & # 39; that case because singing is a passion and so singing
Can & # 39; I encourage more people to collaborate and jimleb with pride. me
love to help people who need it most ".

Austral group

"Parto participate
here fills the heart with joy that we combine all
Magellanic for the same purpose which is to help people who are
they bżonnna, so proud and cheerful ", César Mon
Talván, dancer group.


Mladen Maslov

It has been four & # 39; & # 39 years participate in, this wonderful activity. I like when
I was in school kkollaborajt the Conference and a year later found
see how it is growing, as the community is more motivated
so happy to participate in this regional union is generated by
the trip and know that the goal is high, but the heart is large and
All with their grains & # 39; sand will reach the goal ".

Emilio Valdez

I always helped this cause when halfway account, call money
the carts and I always present bill in that it helps. form
part of me, it's too hot. It is my first time, I
little nervous but happy and glad to help. By way also
I will be singing. "


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