Saturday , July 24 2021

Genes determine where body fat accumulates

The accumulation of fat around the abdomen, as usually happens in men, or do so in the hips and legs, most common among women, depends largely on genetic factors, according to a study by the University Swedish & # 39; Uppsala.

The – study measuring – of – fat distribution in – body & # 39 ;. T nearly 360,000 volunteer participants.

"We know that women and men tend to store fat b & # 39; a different way," explained Mathias Rask-Andersen, main author of the study and post-doctoral researcher in the Immunology Department, Genetics and Pathology.

In the event & # 39; women, while work more easily store fat in the legs and hips Men tend to accumulate around the abdomen.

This difference was traditionally attributed "to the effects of & # 39; sex hormones such as estrogen, but the molecular mechanisms that control this phenomenon are not well known"Note Rask-Andersen.

For this work, the researchers used data from UK Biobank, study & # 39; half a million participants in the UK, and analyzed millions of & # 39; genetic variants to determine their association with the distribution of & # 39; & # 39 fat in, one or other part of the body.

B & # 39; this way, the team identified Rask-Andersen nearly one hundred gene to influence the distribution of adipose tissue in the human body.

After closer inspection, the researchers discovered that many of these gene they form the extracellular matrix, to participate in the structural and functional organization of tissues.

Thus, their findings suggest that the remodeling of extracellular matrix is ​​one of the mechanisms that generate differences in the distribution of body fat.

Furthermore, the conclusions of & # 39; this study may lead development of new interventions to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Which is higher among men partly due to the larger amount of & # 39; his abdominal fat.

"The biological systems we emphasize in our study have the potential to be used as points & # 39; intervention for new drugs that aim to improve the body fat distribution and, therefore, reduce the risk of & # 39; disease, "concluded Rask-Andersen.

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