Tuesday , September 27 2022

Girl was operated on contaminated material and can & # 39; have HIV: medical malpractice National reported


Family in the region O & # 39; Higgins alleges medical negligence on the part of & # 39; Regional Hospital & # 39; Rancagua, after daughter will identify HIV reactive, after tonsillectomija (The tonsils grubbing) carried out in the same health care center, where the material would be sterilized wrong.

Parents must now await the final report & # 39; the Public Health Institute (ISP) to determine if the boy / girl under 11 years kkuntrattatx the disease or not, jirrapportax 24 hours.

They were happy because the girl can & # 39; finally perform this surgery, after running the list & # 39; Waiting of the health center. However, three days after the intervention, the results were worse than disappointing: f & # 39; blood test, the child showed reactive HIV.

"X & # 39; it responsive? Is that my daughter possibly be infected with HIV", said the patient's mother in & # 39; togħliq news.

According to Cecilia Pitrowski, deputy director & # 39; & # 39 the Hospital; Rancagua, the cause would be the cause faulty sterilization of materials used in the procedure, which was reported by a team member in place. This involved the possibility of transmitting diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

That same day, 15 son and other daughter were operated in & # 39; success tonsils.

From the hospital told the parents not to worry, because the test would be confirmed ISP in & # 39; Santiago and that "many of these tests come after negative".

The hospital, in turn, took the event as a global thing and ċċaraha still no confirmed illnesses in none of the child intervened that day. "M & # 39; there is no infected patients", said Pitrowski, adding that initiated summary to establish responsibilities and informed the Prosecutor's Office.

Meanwhile, the parents of the child study to lodge a complaint, with the angels while awaiting the results of ISP, It takes 10 days to clean. The mother accuses hospital even offered psychological support to face the situation.

F & # 39; this regard, the Health Minister, Emilio Santelices, has been consulted on the situation but said he did not know it.


Of course, it assures that he will proceed with regular protocol in & # 39; these cases and hopes to receive more information.

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