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Gorosito and the definition of the tournament: "I hope we do not repeat the scandal and shame & # 39; 94 '| Soccer


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The National Championship 2018 will be defined by & # 39; very limited way. Universidad Catolica remain & # 39; leaders & # 39; event b & # 39; 55 points, but only two units in the University & # 39; Chile (53 points) and three in & # 39; & # 39 Utela of; Concepcion (52 points), so it is exciting final tournament expected in & # 39; two end dates.

Like this year, another tournament where "Crusaders" and "Blues" fought in the & # 39; for the title, was 1994. F & # 39; that championship, the "U" was ikkurunat b & # 39; 49 points, just one per over those prekordillera who finished second, f & # 39; one of the competitions to the most painful memories for "UC".

And what that suffering had on the court, was Néstor Raúl Gorosito. The "Crusaders" idol, f & # 39; interview with & # 39; La Tercera, recalled that season now that the beloved University its Catholic again & # 39; other is fighting for a championship with & # 39; the archrival, b & # 39; focus on the left question the title of "Blues".

"I've been working only during the tournament and then continued talking and made it public. What about referee Carlos Robles, That three minutes in the classic university get yellow, was what gives purpose to Salas was square and a half earlier, was too shocking. And then I see his father with President Eduardo Frei when – & # 39; and & # 39; at 94 was champion "commented the "PIPO".

Former player – & # 39; & # 39 ;, and UC when it was asked whether there is help & # 39; arbitration for University & # 39; Chile to become a championHe pointed out that "Without a doubt. Besides the fact that – & # 39; and & # 39; had a very good team, and to acknowledge smoothly, with & # 39; staff & # 39; extraordinary training, one of the referees was very traġerju. Al Beto sospiżilha to hear & # 39; view, are moving against the U and f & # 39; that same game they do not call them and it ends up being offside goal ".

The amplified exvolante "I do not know how many penalties gave them during the tournament. And the last game against Cobresal to what they say, if it was absolutely shameful, Because otherwise, there would be defining game between the two universities. "

The "PIPO" had more words for questioning Carlos Robles, arguing that "I considered it an excellent Robles and after all that is charged against their favor and was ashamed to look me in the face me or my colleagues. If even the Disciplinary Court suspended that time, he has gone against the U, but the architects have done what they had to do. "

Regarding the performance of & # 39; that the Catholic University in 1994, Gorosito commented that "we've made the best league scorer, we were the team with the best fair play, had the least amount of & # 39 , goals against a team … can not ask for more. I hope the same thing does not happen now, do not think, is too. Hopefully the scandal and shame & # 39; that league are not repeated. L – & # 39; 94 was one of the best teams that You used to have in my life. "

F & # 39; this regard, the "PIPO" adding that this campus "respected the history of the Catholic, always have in view and prioritize the game offensive. Save the distance, and I emphasize that to bridge the gap, with & # 39; UC just what happened what happened recently with & # 39; Barcelona ".

Finally, when asked about what Beñat San José & # 39; UC & # 39; need to escape with the title, Gorosito stated that "I think we want to see how you're doing school, morally I say ever say" let & # 39; s go to leave Mainland champions, depends on us ". Surely They were the best team in the tournament Chilean because they were all leagues. "

"I say to confidence, which depends purely and exclusively on them to be champions. If you perform according to their capabilities in & # 39; these two matches, can overcome this with a great year & # 39; title ", Condemned the idol of "Crusader".

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