Monday , November 29 2021

Government goes to support a Hermes Soto


Secretary General of the Government, Cecilia Perez, a support & # 39; La Moneda to the Director-General & # 39; Carabineros, Hermes Soto, after a new conflict in Catrillanca case, after being unveiled video & # 39; one of the defendants recorded inside a police post

"Director-General since it was appointed by the government, complied citizenship requires at & # 39; terms & # 39; public order and public security (…). That being said, the assessment of General director & # 39; Carabineros is concerned ", said Cecilia Pérez.

Also, the spokeswoman for the government, reported that Carabineros was asked to report on the condition in which four & # 39; involved in the case Catrillanca serving their preventive detention, for the actions damaging investigation are not repeated.

He also confirmed that the Ministry of & # 39; Affairs asked the prosecutor to take statements from officials who were accused of putting pressure on the current charged to modify their statements in the context of & # 39 ; the investigation of the crime community.

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