Wednesday , December 8 2021

Hangouts will die, another failure & # 39; against WhatsApp and Google already go …



although Google Working with official statements on the issue, this time, a report was insured hangouts will cease to be available in just over a year. The Mountain View company, according to this information, you plan to end hangout a system & # 39; platform for instant messaging and video calls. And this is not the first time carried out such movements, but not the first time WhatsApp wins. Now, it seems not given up and having hangout can & # 39; to Another "new chat", though Google Allo.

There will be someone who remembers Google Talk. then came hangouts, Year 2013, And four & # 39; years after the Mountain View company has made a spin on their system & # 39; instant messaging. Later came the most recent Google and Google Allo Duo, In obsession & # 39; Google maintains two independent services to the conversation and video calls. And both tried, for now, Failed mark WhatsApp, Leading b & # 39; & # 39 as widely, on the rest of the services. In fact, back Messenger, Which is also property & # 39; Facebook.

The eternal struggle of & # 39; Google against WhatsApp: a new defeat to & # 39; Hangouts, but there is still more to see

Since then little has Google abandoned –or nearly support for hangouts. The Mountain View company stopped releasing news for this service since issued Hangouts and Hangouts Chat Meet. His attempt to win the company does not work, because in & # 39; that area there is also a leader and thwarted, Some time ago Atlassian buy to get rid of a powerful rival was Hipchat. Where still have some success is like Hangouts chat in Gmail, But it is not enough to deal with – WhatsApp giant, Which is why the date of his death is already set to Regulation 2020

As we said, the Mountain View company has Google and Google Allo Duo, still try to steal some of the cake WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger, Which are in three major instant messaging. When dies hangout, in 2020 in accordance with this information, we will see if again & # 39; & # 39 b again, another applicationas likely to happen –, If they will focus on Allo or what direction you plan to take.

written by Carlos González

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