Thursday , October 6 2022

Have confirmed the theory? Renato came Jofré future complex & # 39; Gonzalo and Javiera at Hidden Truth | Television and exhibition


great changes had the character & # 39; Gonzalo (Renato Jofré) in the Mega teleseries hidden truths. Recall that a few weeks ago, he proposed to his partner Javiera (María Jesús Miranda), who lives with him in the path.

However, the future & # 39; this relationship can & # 39; be in danger, because of the "ghosts" still ittorturh. That was what took the actor in & # 39; interview & # 39;

"Javiera father still does not know about the disease & # 39; Gonzalo (HIV), and so this will be a permanent conflict", Specified Jofré, to recognize his character is a risk area.

Although, asserts that young is very embarrassing with Javiera, there are those that might destabilize this relationship, as in the case of & # 39; Roxana (Rocío Toscano). "In posing it close, decisions and all the things that occur, are in danger. B & # 39; that explosive and great personality that differentiates it, she will always stirring to Gonzalo", Is described.



F & # 39; this context, it is ensured that both Samuel and Roxana "They will do the impossible to succeed in separating & # 39; Gonzalo and Javiera".

These statements may confirm the theory that issued in & # 39; last December, t he was referring to could Roxy & # 39; destroy the wedding couple, and revealed complete ceremony that his friend is a carrier of HIV.

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