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Hermes Soto non & # 39; credit line


F & # 39; La Moneda they say the officer still has the support of the government, but its performance and especially his leadership are asked, not only in politics and governing party itself, but also in police uniform degrees itself. Their internal enemies, who said in an institution, have been reactivated, and the resignation of & # 39; General Rivera this week appeared to signal unequivocally that capacity & # 39; his command is increasingly being rejected.

Although Hermes Soto still has government support to continue & # 39; as general manager & # 39; Carabineros, hardly can & # 39; be calm. Has too many open fronts, flats & # 39; political conflicts and internal to the institution, which do not allow to avoid new mistakes, second versions or surprises b & # 39; bad taste to La Moneda, as trend faced turbulent month that uniform police and administration & # 39; Sebastián Piñera after the offense & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca f & # 39; Hand Commando Jungla.

From the palace, the cross version is that General Soto will not leave his office only eight months after being appointed and, less so, if his appointment is closely related to the medical decision & # 39, Piñera renewing b & # 39; severely High Command of Carabineros, after the crisis that the institution had given the fraud millionaire of & # 39; "Pacogate" and the fiasco of Operation Hurricane . That was the move which the current ddeidiet administration, to do what the government & # 39; before you did and that is why it weighs so today in & # 39; La Moneda, making it difficult for them to think to get maximum uniform police head.

Similarly, Soto can not be calm, moreover, not just believe it is stuck with & # 39; wall and one of the reasons why his grades are strongly questioning his leadership. The sources of the Carabineros agree that failure to defend the Christian Franzani Gen – whose resignation has been expressly requested by the Ministry of the Interior – weakens the absence of & # 39; Soto among the troops. Franzani, former director of the Order and Security and the Public Ministry stressed the meetings had reserved in & # 39; Laucanía after the crime & # 39; Catrillanca.

In fact, the replacement & # 39; Franzani, General José Luis Rivera, lasted only a few days in the office and told the press "I stay & # 39 ;, I do not want my family to stand me after . I'm tired & # 39; everything. "Soto talablu not make his resignation at least until today, so do not jikkomplikax the government before calling the Minister Andres Chadwick, made yesterday afternoon in the House of Representatives. Something b & # 39; clearly not occurred, since early Monday had already known about the resignation.

The words & # 39; Rivera interpreted within the Carabineros as an unequivocal sign that the command capability of Soto General is increasingly divided. F & # 39; this context, it is conceivable that other officials may participate in the general resignation, those who have already expressed their reserve to set aside and to the director general was making the same request to wait a few days.

The internal noise led to the departure of & # 39; Franzani adding that troops, said, feel that the members of the Jungle Command were unnecessarily "exposed" to an investigation as a civilian and not in & # 39 ; martial Court for obstruction of justice and murder. . That tension has all enemies & # 39; Soto in the Carabineros classes – at the beginning of his administration tried to restrain young its growth by exposing the resumé of its activated and are now at & # 39 ; full activity, b & # 39; much power when there is a clear weakness which is general.

The origin of lies

But there is something else you can & # 39; sleeping a & # 39; Hermes Soto. Monday, prosecutors Roberto Garrido, Cristián Paredes and Jorge Caldarara are f & # 39; Santiago for a series of & # 39; major interrogations, especially to remove the brink of & # 39; "Obstruction of justice". In other words, how did the idea of ​​delivering false version about the death of & # 39; Catrillanca.

On Monday, the General Soto was questioned as a witness. The prosecutors asked as heaven & # 39; on the operation in which a small member of the Mapuche community died and when, exactly, he knew that the Gope troops were located.

This last detail is important for what happens with the future director-general. The last week, the lawyer Cristián Inostroza Quiñiñir been declared charged, and what happened in the investigation, the & # 39; now, is that the legal adviser of the Carabineros is identified as linking to police – version of a & # 39; confrontation with the Mapuche. The same version should have been sent to Soto.

On Monday, the General (r) Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, the former Auditor General of the Carabineros, resigned on 19 & # 39; November and said "personal reasons" according to what he said. SecondHe was the first to contact Inostroza for the police officers involved and then informed legal support to Soto – through & # 39; WhatsApp message – which was something "important and complicated". According to him, the order of the Director General of & # 39; Carabineros would "send yourself a team with & # 39; his health to support those older".

But that order was like a shot in the foot. S & # 39; now, it is known that Inostroza helped collect the false version with instruction & # 39; Franzani, one of the members of the High Command nearest & # 39; Soto.

Currently, both Franzani – testifying yesterday before prosecutors – and Inostroza are outside Carabineros and m & # 39; still give total loyalty to the institution, unless the General Soto. Inside the uniform police confirmed that the relationship between the general manager and former head & # 39; Order and its security is completely cut off. Something that represents b & # 39; a clear risk way, because if they involved the highest uniform police authority before the prosecutors in the origin of the fake version, they left no room for action or possibilities to survive the crisis. And because of the close collaboration of & # 39; Chadwick with the prosecutor Cristián Paredes, f & # 39; La Moneda they are the first to know.

Without & # 39; credit line

La Moneda already "left the life" when it was called Monday 3 & # 39; December to give explanations for the video that Sergeant Carlos Alarcon recorded during the pretrial detention and claiming it was forced to lie down. F & # 39; that meeting, attended by President Piñera, Chadwick and Undersecretary of the Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, there incrimination against Soto, who acknowledged that they had no explanation for the recording and the video spread irregular. F & # 39; that meeting was also General Kurt Haarmann, Director of Personnel, the former aide-de-camp & # 39; Chadwick and one of those sounds to replace Soto f & # 39; event that the final decision is removed.

The government sources acknowledge that "a change in scenery can & # 39; pave the way to take" General Soto. This means that today continuing political support & # 39; La Moneda, but any other irregular situation means the end of & # 39; the officer as director general.

In Government is also worrying that the inquiry to Soto, the recent facts, led to growing antagonistic sides in the institution, the factors call between "villalobistas and hermesistas", to add confusion in the ranks police uniform

Neither the government party support is not monolithic. On the one hand, the helmsman of & # 39; RN, Mario Desbores, was square with General Soto, but the deputy & # 39; that part, Gonzalo Fuenzalida, was categorically day when he said he had "doubts could & # 39; to continue his position with the things that are still going on and what will we know that we do not know (…) . Obviously, question a person in his position should make its position available. "

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