Monday , June 5 2023

How to join with American Madness? So you & # 39; take advantage of Black Friday from Chile


The summit & # 39; retail shopping for excellence began in the United States and, of course, its repercussions even reach Chile. While there is estimated that the avalanche of & # 39; buyers will generate at least 23 billion dollars just this week, here there will be few who will take advantage of Black Friday with & # 39; any way or another.

And the options are numerous: from direct purchase in & # 39; American stores, looking for pages to make transport by ship and looked for shopping for Christmas, taking advantage of the catalog launched the Amazon, or even take advantage of discounts Chilean shops will launch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to square with consumption data.

From United States

If you choose the same prices that Americans see in stores and websites, one option is to buy directly from the pages & # 39; that country. The most traditional are generally Walmart, Best Buy and Target are one of the most well known, although there are also other stores like GameStop, recognized by the world gamer, and traditional Amazon. There are also Newegg, KHOL & # 39; s and OfficeDepot.

The recommendation is to always purchase at & # 39; safe places and to ensure that they are not prohibited from importing into the country. Usually, products with a ban complying with & # 39; those that present a hazard to animals, agriculture, health, the pornographic content and toys containing toluene.

Moreover, if the purchase is worth & # 39; less than or equal to 30 dollars, without commercial character, is exempt from payment of & # 39; taxes and fees.

And with the ship …

Another fact is that at least it is estimated that around 47% in Chile to increase imports for each ship a month before Christmas. That is, b & # 39; random with American Black Friday. How to do it? This is facilitated by, for example, Chilean sites like Your CEO, Boris Kraizel., Explains that, in the event & # 39; this online retail, to enable & # 39; buy a boat, just keep link or offer on the site, and confirm the order.

Among the benefits is not & # 39; there is no limit & # 39; weight, while also reducing cost of shipment up to 60%. Of course, the arrival of the product takes longer: about average & # 39; 30 days. "We give the possibility to get Chile sells everything, and other businesses. These dates increase much demand because it is the month before Christmas and people organize themselves to make original and exclusive gifts at very best "prices, says Kraizel.

Advantage & # 39; this type of & # 39; imports is not necessary to have box & # 39; check or card & # 39; credit, the order comes home and the final price shown for the first time included.

The local offer

And as in physical stores in the US, the Chilean retailer also reacts to Black Friday. Many shops, in fact, deals with promise in their stores and web pages For example, there is the Costanera Mall, which offers a 50% discount in & # 39; number of shopping center stores.

The trend is also followed by Paris and Ripley, b & # 39; offers to extend until Sunday. Along with & # 39; it is Amazon, which yesterday issued a list of & # 39; 50 million to advance product purchase Christmas Chile. Subsequently, the catalog by clicking here.

To take advantage of the opportunity to travel is also an option. announced discounts will reach up to 60% & # 39; discount on some packages, while Brazil is the main focus of the offerings. Meanwhile, Latam will hold up Friday offers to fly to more than 70 destination b & # 39; & # saqqas of 39, 63%.

The low cost JetSmart will do the same, which announced the Black Friday promotions with tickets $ 900, added to the boarding fee. Ticket for Argentina, meanwhile, will be a final price of & # 39; about 13 thousand pesos.

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