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How were the last days of & # 39; Freddie Mercury, 27 years after his death


By Marianela Insua Escalante

"I would not like Eva Peron, want to welcome & # 39; in history as one of those people who worry … that hope that after my death I will be like someone who created something or who invented something.. The crown had already become pregnant Freddie Mercury and b & # 39; those words was clear that his mission on Earth was satisfied. He had lived life and made many people happy. 27 years after his death, the head of & # 39; Queen he keeps doing so.

The comparison with Argentina flag & # 39; humble off the book "Freddie Mercury, his own life" (Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton, Editions Robinbook) that highlights comments made predictable that Freddie does was going to be a man who has been alive. He himself said that he expects to grow age, nor to live until he was 70 years old, "It would be very boring". Finally, he died Sunday 24 & # 39; November 1991 at the age of & # 39; 45 years, because bronkopneumonija was caused by evil ilaħħal him for about 4 years, the adequate Syndrome & # 39; Immune Deficiency (AIDS).

day before, on Saturday 23, the singer made a public statement in which admitted that he contracted the virus: "Based on the large conjectures appeared in the press over the last two weeks, I confirm that I am HIV positive and I have AIDS, I think it was right not to publish this s & # 39 information; now to protect the privacy & # 39; those around me, however, it's time for my friends and my fans around the world to know the truth. Join the doctors and everyone in the world who are fighting this terrible disease, my intimacy has always been something special for me and I'm famous to give a few interviews, if please remember that this will continue to be the case. "And so it was, because less than 24 hours later, this communication has become the latest.

The term comes from the Greek Zoroaster Zoroastrianism or Zaratustra, in Persian, was the prophet of & # 39; this beast. The "illuminated one" was born in Iran in the sixth century BC. and promoted this religion that is older than Christianity, with Judaism and Islam. It is also considered as one of the first monotheistic religions God worshiet is Ahura Mazda. It is for this reason that the Zoroastrianism also called Zoroastrianism.

This fire was symbolized divinity that accompanied Farrokh BulsaraThat was the name of Parsi & # 39; Freddie was born in Zanzibar, until it became ashes. The ceremony to deny the mortal remains of the singer of Queen does not last half an hour. Everything happened in the Western Cemetery & # 39; London and the funeral was made by two Indian qassisini the Parsi religion. Zoroastrians like Bulsara family, the men asked excerpts from Avesta (the sacred text of Zoroastrians) in the presence of father & # 39; Freddie, Bomi, Jeremiah mother, and sister, Kasmira. There was also Mary Austin, former partner, friend, confident and heirs & # 39; half the fortune.

F & # 39; Bombay, the Pârşii still expose the corpse to the sun until devourhom tour. But in England, they prefer cremation. Even in India, this practice is being asked because there is less and less vulture, accumulate outside bodies and Zoroastrians are beginning to see that their loved ones do not start from this plan as it should.

In farewell & # 39; Freddie, pink roses & # 39; Elton John contrasting with yellow bouquets & # 39; David Bowie. Elton was the only current in Rockstar & # 39; that ceremony, Bowie was. Family, which was not more than thirty buildings, there were only members & # 39; Queen and a few friends. Away from the gargantuan and multitudinous holidays, in its final hours the singer was accompanied by the most beloved and closest. The coffin & # 39; Freddie arrived aboard his classic Rolls-Royce, and on it, a red rose.

The response to the express wish of & # 39; Mercury, during the ceremony of farewell, spoke different songs loved listening & # 39 ;. He sits Aretha Franklin and also Montserrat Caballes, Which he interpreted the classic "Barcelona"". And that had been a friend. They say that the singer was ossessjonata voice of & # 39; Caballes since he listened & # 39; at the Royal Opera House in & # 39; London, during performance & # 39; Un ballo in Maschera, A & # 39; Verdi, in 1983. By the time he did get his interest to be aware of it and can work together.

Along with the soprano, Freddie sang the song she composed it, "Barcelona", in 1987 and became very close friends. The song was a love for the Spanish city during the celebration of the Olympic Games & # 39; 1992, a few months after the death of the singer. "He took his foot b & # 39; stoicism and great integrity, because Freddie has always been a person very unintentionally, many free, and also in music, because it was in the way carry the disease", said to Montserrat. Caballes years later for TVE.

Caballes was one of the few who knew about the disease & # 39; Freddie, his suffering and brief pending & # 39; his life. The soprano said: "He told me a phrase that is very simple, but everything is closed: "Look to Montse, everyone in life has its way and carrying his briefcase, which are all the things we carry. I carry my briefcase and you are carrying with you, then it is useless to throw them away because I take & # 39;. very philosophical way to see his short future. "

The soprano, who died in & # 39; October & # 39; this year, had the authority to speak on the singer because they were very close and he rrispettaha. F & # 39; television interview done together to mark the launch of & # 39; "Barcelona", Freddie acknowledged that Spanish was his favorite: "Working with her was like a dream, a dream that now comes true. The voice would be involved or not, or whether it would accept, then spread out, rumors at the record company, among my friends, and finally reached the ears of & # 39; Montsi, and she said yes, it one of those things that are performed well, were in & # 39; Barcelona to seeing it for the first time, I met a few bars and qaletha, is now rocker ".

The last disc & # 39; & # 39 study; With Queen & # 39; Freddie says much of that bittersweet stage, which joined the band to make music and dismiss, without tafha, a friend. innuendo He came in February 1991 with & # 39; Latin name says a lot, it means something like "insinuazzjoni" or "indirect".

The record was recorded between Mountain Studios in & # 39; Montreux, Switzerland, during the first sessions, and Metropolis Studios in & # 39; London, England, in & # 39; the last. F & # 39; that moment Brian May and Roger Taylor were working on parallel projects John Deacon almost did not increase as far as the creative thing. Despite the advancement of the disease & # 39; Freddie, the star wrote all songs and sang almost without problems.

The list & # 39; songs make this album the perfect end to a perfect band. The premonitorji letters, hidden messages, the changes can not be forgotten. From "These are the days of & # 39; lives' ("The bad things in life were so few, those days have gone, but one thing is certain, when I and nsibk, still imħabbakom, can not be re & # 39; back the clock, not again & # 39; back the tide.? ") Until the final epic & # 39; "Show Must Go On" ("The show must continue … To me, my heart is broken, my form can & # 39; to shave, but my smile is still there"). Each path & # 39; that the track list is another reason to fight Mercury.

With its light and fun spirit, Freddie did not imagine that 27 years later would continue to celebrate his music and his image. He made clear when, b & # 39; espland shocking, made this statement to collect the book Freddie Mercury, his life …: "When I'm dead, I remember as a musician & # 39; some value and substance, do not know how to remember, not ħsibtx about it, I would be dead, really do not think:" My God! They will remember me? "Depending on people When he dead, who works? Not me!".

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