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Sunday 25 & # 39; November 2018


The president & # 39; River Plate, Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, came to clarify the situation on the new suspension of the Copa Libertadores final will be played Sunday at Monumental. In the event, it assures that scenario m & # 39; is doubt and reprogramming will be confirmed on Tuesday.

This Sunday, 25 & # 39; in November, the final second of the 2018 Copa Libertadores has been suspended, it could not be done on Saturday because of incidents against the bus Boca Juniors arrival at the Monumental stage f & # 39; Núñez, where the two players' xeneize equipment "b & # 39; eye injuries.

And CONMEBOL accepted the request & # 39; Boca to stay this game because they are not the conditions for this cross duel developed. Given & # 39; so, the president & # 39; River Plate, Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, ħareġlu says his version of events, which again & # 39; another found himself with his archrival and ensure that the final will not change the scenario in reprogramming the new.

"It is a huge pity, River-Boca awaiting the world and for 15 misfits we live it. 15 persons and error that there should be safe. I think we need to keep in & # 39; take for granted that it is regrettable that happened. I have a feeling & # 39; pain, like all River and Boca fans ", he began expressing at a press conference.

How communicated the decision, said: "Today at & # 39; afternoon the president of CONMEBOL said that the match was lighted, so we had a responsibility to open the doors and opened the issue & # 39; that decision. "" Then tell a Fox had decided to stay, and he sejjaħni. I told him to completely agree. Well, not to stay, but to postpone the game. "

"He told me that on Tuesday at 10 & # 39; in the morning it looks to us near the president & # 39; Boca so we can agree on a day and at & # 39; what time we we play on River court. Do I slightest doubt that will be played, in the river and with the people ", he added.

Before the meetings held yesterday at the Monumental, where ipprogrammaw again several times to schedule the game, he explained that the president of FIFA had been pushed to it. "Yesterday the CONMEBOL decided that the game was played at 7: 15 pm, where the president of FIFA said played himself in the 7: 15 pm F & # 39; that moment speaking to & # 39; angelic (President of Boca Juniors) and said: "You my solidarity '. I do not want that advantage, I do not want to have an edge River", he stressed.

When asked by the request of & # 39; Boca to settle the points in the secretariat, pleaded not personally aware. "It had no communication or anything coming in the River. The article you are citing has about 25 penalties. Let's not doing more problems", he concluded.

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