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The couple & # 39; María Castro Mejia, The pregnant woman who died fired Monday, 26 & # 39; in November, f & # 39; Hal Alto Hospicio, acknowledged Thursday that participated in that ended with a woman's life and immediately ċċaraha will be delivered to justice after he escapes.

The subject, identified as Abel Mondaca Rodríguez, He spoke through & # 39; video call with newspaper The Star & # 39; Iquique, Ensuring that it will deliver "once it happened all of my wife's funeral", But without which it is revealed.

"That day morning went to leave her two children in school, went to sleep, after 8.30 & # 39; in the morning, is again & # 39; back and getting your girl to tieħuha in the garden and here bored , and began discussing"Began Mondaca.

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In fact, the partner clarified victim to the fatal outcome force a fight which included shotgun that is kept charged in his home.

"I kept a shotgun in the house because I was being threatened with death, And were looking for me because the desire I had in prison (…) I have always maintained that surprise and loaded with & # 39; tifma passed, I would say that on the day the shot piece -furniture and started to defend ourselves & # 39; Maria. remove it from the cabinet & # 39; on theddedni though, I come and pushing, and I say "cut already there", I get the weapon and let it stood, "warns.

"I kept overwhelmed with & # 39; speech on the light switch and then let the weapon pointing at the window, was before me, and f & # 39; that moment I told him that he would depart and I take my bag to throw my clothes, and there was ddajt back and she laugh at the top of & # 39; squirrel, And I do not know if bad qabadha or made with the intention to shoot himself, was in & # 39; that moment the shot escaping, "he adds.

Finally, they confirmed that the WFP developed the relevant procedures "Make criminal figure & # 39; feminicide (…) It feminicide against Chilean citizen, María Paulina del Carmen Mejia Castro, actually I was pregnant & # 39; four & # 39; months"Explain the Deputy Commissioner Rodrigo López.

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