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IBM announced an investment of & # 39; 15 million dollars


23 & # 39; November 2018 – 01:04
The president of the company in Argentina stressed the bet.

The multinational IBM technology & # 39; United States announced yesterday that invested US $ 15 million to strengthen the "adoption and technological transformation" of & # 39; Argentina.

"B & # 39; this investment, we are consolidating our commitment & # 39; 95 a year to help the Argentina business ecosystem to become more competitive", said president and general manager of IBM Argentina, Roberto Alexander.

The purpose of the technology giant is "to expand the capabilities of & # 39; its digital innovation and promote the adoption and technological transformation of customers, start-ups and Argentinean universities", said the company in & # 39; statement.

Also, the opening in the city & # 39; & # 39 of Buenos Aires; Martinez & # 39; "Customers" Center (Center for Technological Innovation) aims to help customers to "face the business challenges in their industries" through & # 39; Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, "Blockchain '' and Security and the Internet of Things (IoT), informed the agency EFE.

As specified by IBM, in Argentina more than 55% of companies have plans to develop applications with & # 39; IoT and 45% with & # 39; AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the coming months. Investments include upgrading of the infrastructure of the company's data centers in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires to strengthen the hybrid cloud and "multi-cloud" services to local and international clients, and to enhance implementations of ai. "Our mission is to continue to accompany the development of the country, contributing to the progress and assist companies to overcome the challenges", he said.

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