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I'm a fan of & # 39; GO I play Pokemon and I can not quit his imitations


Today it is difficult to have never heard the GO Pokemon. Although not on the lips of & # 39; field, a phenomenon that has become a regular on the news, or talk about the novelty of the game or jiskreditatha highlighting the dangers of playing with mobile phone on the street.

Even so, Pokemon GO is not the only video game to augmented reality invites to go out in the streets with our mobile devices. forward already There were other They also tested it with a similar proposal and, of course, missed others they tried to imitate the saga developed by NIANTIC.

There are five options for GO pokemon, moreover, are totally different:

Pokemon GO: more alive than ever

The summer Pokemon GO celebrated its second anniversary and NIANTIC not seem willing to forget. S & # 39; further, do not stop working on new updates keeping quite live game, such as the recent arrival of its PvP mode.

Above all, its Daily missions and community days, Which for a few hours waves & # 39; unusual collectibles seen everywhere, forcing all players stand in their quest to seek dozens of them.

Personally I confess that I am one of the players who come daily to niċċekkja to jienx Pokemon and tired of it, so I would appreciate NIANTIC continue to work on what new and what għamelni some eager to try some of these "clones" because I had no hope that any of them jigganċjieni. The truth is that in the end I finished decreased.

Ingress: the precursor of augmented reality games

ingress 02

If we close perhaps we should say that Pokemon GO is really the "imitators", and this is when we talk about Pokemon GO or NIANTIC seen if invented the wheel b & # 39; this game, but Nothing & # 39; is further from reality, because The first big success of the company Ingress was, really took place the fashion & # 39; increased reality games and other of the major proposals despite being considered published in 2013 on Android and a few years later on iOS.

Ingress can & # 39; boast to have your own story, Much deeper than any other title presented in & # 39; this section, put in & # 39; function & # 39; science fiction in which mankind discovered a new type of & # 39; a & # 39; energy materials, t Alien Materials, Also known as XM, is so powerful that it is able to control people.

This divides the population into & # 39; two groups: on one side are the Illuminati, Those who want to take advantage of – their potential, and. t The Resistance, The side is totally against and want to protect the world from what could be a threat. From that moment begins global competition by taking the places whence this energy, some portals are virtual representation of monuments, statues, interesting places, etc., we have around us in real life.

S & # 39; & # 39 common with you, Pokemon GO?

If you GO Pokemon players, will soon notice that the game is developed by NIANTIC, because the map is exactly the same, Which means that the gyms and Poképaradas already know are the same portals in & # 39; Ingress, which enables us to begin with & # 39; advantage when seeking a good place to get a good amount of them.

Here m & # 39; there's nothing to get, but we automatically collect all the items that we have around us and being very helpful to us Hack portals. Once we reach our destination, if it is our faction, we will acquire more items than usual in the form of & # 39; shields, bombs or videos to continue with the story.

Instead puts Pokemon to defend gyms, here we choose resonator of & # 39; greater or less power according to the level that we have. This means that the higher our level, the more complicated for other players seeking our territories, but can & # 39; also choose shields to protect them. Once all the resonator are destroyed, the portal at the moment is white until captured by the other faction.

ingress 03

What makes it different?

Within Ingress had a big wave of players to requires great cooperation those who are part of the same side, since the goal is to join the largest number of portals that close to one another.

Therefore, it will not be enough to get one and forget, but we move towards all around us, so we said that by virtue of the knowledge map GO Pokemon is & # 39; big help. This encourages players to mechanic develop strategies and communicate with each other act as a team.

I must also say that, although Pokemon GO m & # 39; longer consume as many batteries at the beginning, so I noticed as I was slowed more quickly than usual during the Ingress game. Finally, Ingress recently received new version considerably improved its graphics and is more visual. And that will not end, because soon it will be premiere series your own animation on Netflix called Ingress: The Animation.

Jurassic World Alive: the game of dinosaurs

Jurassic World Alive 01

Since all games are part of this list, if some day you leave Pokemon Go for whatever reason, I am clear that the perfect substitute and I will remain & # 39; is Jurassic World Alive. The reality added title of Ludia and Universal Studios Inc. bring dinosaurs back to World to make us whole.

There are dozens of them, including some unknown world – wide and others are more awkward hybrid, Because one of the features of the game is to enable closing certain creatures to give life to a new and more b & # 39; his health than normal in our laboratory.

Since its launch in & # 39; last June became one of the most matches acclaimed & # 39; this genre and, as irrajrajna, very important option to consider whether a m & # 39; you are very Love of Pokemon, otherwise the devices are very similar We pass supply points to go collect items and there is also the option to combat artificial intelligence or against other players with our own team dinosaurs.

S & # 39; & # 39 common with you, Pokemon GO?

Instead you have to catch Pokemon, there will be about a hundred dinosaur we can collect. In the game, with excellent visual quality, We will see again the map of our city b & # 39; buildings and roads represented perfectly by virtue of & # 39; Google. Around the dinosaurs will appear with whom we interact, as well as items & # 39; to make provision function & # 39; Poképaradas.

We can get the dinosaurs that we can get level up to strengthen, Although there will also be the option to raise the level of our own account through the actions we are taking. In addition, the game included the first battles against other people, Has a select team consisting of eight dinosaurs, of which half will be selected by & # 39; random and those who will be participating in the fight.

On the other hand, has internal purchase to iġġornuna b & # 39; incubators will contain more items, like darts to the virtual drone that we will mastering or batteries to last longer, and daily missions that will appear on their own every certain amount of & # 39; hours with their corresponding prizes, t achievements and lists of friends to consult their data and fight against it directly.

Jurassic World Alive 02

What makes it different?

Despite its great similarity with & # 39; GO Pokemon, the main mechanisms have their own characteristics that make unique Jurassic World Alive. For example, to achieve the dinosaurs will use our virtual drone to dedicate ourselves Throw darts to collect DNA samples, Although it will have only a few seconds and we need a & # 39; good craftsmanship when we move the cursor on the screen while the dinosaur trying to escape.

When we collect a good number of & # 39; samples we will be able invellaw prehistoric animals to make them more b & # 39; & # 39 health and b, so improving the fighting. These confrontations are really good and that they should have the title NIANTIC, because they will take turns where we select which attacks must use, Some more devastating, others serve to strike first or apply side effects, so long as we win a total of three dinosaurs.

The graphic should insist that is another aspect that stands out well because they are impressive and a little too decent b'mobbli or everything will be 60 fps. Finally, be pay monthly subscription to have access to benefits such as opening improved incubators.

Zombies, Run !: Escape b & # 39; full speed

Zombies Run 01

Perhaps the most different game & # 39; everyone is Zombies, Run !. Mainly because of its theme settles in a world which post apokalipika virtually all of the world population become zombies and we are one of the few remaining survivors. While kontna we travel by helicopter, and ended up crashing with our radio successfully contacted strength reinforced nearby town.

If we stay safe in & # 39; this place, we need help its inhabitants by pooling resources and this is in relation to the mechanisms of & # 39; this game, as it will jisfidawna to go out to see while we exercise, because it is more Playing sport because what else you will need to move and run when necessary.

When you start the game you will start giving the first missions in history & # 39; your background that we will hear through the headphones, though the voices are entirely in English. From time to time known that the zombies are behind us and f & # 39; that time will have put the legs in the dust to "escape" them. Thus, as we carry out the mission to give us, we gather resources along the way to help us improve our shelter with & # 39; new buildings and extensions.

S & # 39; & # 39 common with you, Pokemon GO?

As we say, Zombies, Run! is the most different from these games and precisely what resembled at least a Pokemon GO. Have overlapping missions, although in & # 39; this particular title will have to wait several days to achieve new goals. It also options for internal purchase to f & # 39; this – case serve to create a premium account and therefore have access to more missions.

Even so, is completely free and you & # 39; hear & # 39; music while playing, something recommended by the game itself while not hear the narration. At the same time it's kind of & # 39; to be able RPG & # 39; raise standards and tħeġġiġek to collect all possible objects.

Zombies Run 02

What makes it different?

Perhaps the mechanisms m & # 39; & # 39 have much work, share the fact that here m & # 39; not need to take anything, just dedicate ourselves to making exercise such road improve our health in real life at the same time we have gained as a reward for improving the city which are starters.

At the same time it will not be necessary for us to be aware of our device screen at any time. It is sufficient to have the headphones is the game itself that gives all indications or moments in which we accelerate our speed. However, if you have the language & # 39; Shakespeare, you know nothing will be lost and a large part of the experience, but never a bad time to practice your English.

Follow JC Go: the church is aimed at fashion

Follow Jc Go 01

When I saw the first announcement of & # 39; Follow JC Go I thought it was a joke. I had search the net to make sure that did not tease or stop & # 39; Day Ħarajja of & # 39; April, but not, Follow JC (Jesus Christ Jesus) is true and Go is an ideal game for all those simpatizzaturi Christians or church.

Simultaneously It makes the function of educational games, Because it offers a lot of information about the saints, biblical characters or the monuments and places that could be interesting or related to religion, therefore, regardless of whether you believe it or not, for know more information about your city You & # 39; be an alternative to consider.

However, this does not mean that the game is good or much less, because graphically is fairly simple, does not offer many activities and does not work well on all mobile devices. In my case I had the fortune or misfortune, depending on how look at it, that I will be able to smoothly I play my drawing Xiaomin Mi A2, but with a friend & # 39; iPhone 7 could not pass through the screen Creating character.

S & # 39; & # 39 common with you, Pokemon GO?

The – last thing you mentioned is one – has factors – same with & # 39; GO Pokemon, the – GO create our own avatar among a long list of options to modify the color of the skin, the hairstyle or your dress.

The – Poképaradas been replaced here & # 39 ;. T items that will see directly represented on the screen, so here m & # 39; there is no trap or cardboard. Currently we know will work & # 39; they will achieve or where to go to get the desired element to give our character with food, drink or get denarii, the internal currency of the game.

Along the way, we meet not only with points of interest related to religion, but also Invoking Biblical, blessed, Holy Marian we can acquire to join Our ETEAM, The – abbreviation of – Team & # 39; Evangelization. All this will serve to compete with the rest of the world in that we will get points for all our actions, though here the teams will be divided into different countries of the world.

Follow Jc Go 02

What makes it different?

Whereas it is a religious game, Follow JC Go omits every aspect to get & # 39; intersects with violence, fighting, etc. Therefore, the characters that we want to incorporate in our ETEAM they will ask us a question true and false accompanied by his phrase iddikjarawh really want to know whether or not, so jġegħluna can lie to us and pay denari if we make a new attempt at & # 39; & # 39 case, failure.

To get us coins see ads there will be the game itself represented by giant posters, which will be dedicated to the promotion of WYD (World Day of Youth) in 2019 in Panama or to make donations to the Foundation Ramón Pane.

The items will achieve will be reflected in April 2005 rating where players seem b & # 39; most points in the world or in countries winners, which in & # 39; in this case it should be noted that Spain occupies the first position, Followed by Italy and third in the United States. The rest of the positions are occupied mainly by countries that speak Spanish.

What really I like about Follow JC Go is the fact that It is also a great alternative to Google Maps. One of your options is niviżwalizzaw where churches, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc., Are closest to you and indicate your address, the best route, the number of your phone and website your, to move to the desired location while we play and the screen tells us the distance we still we travel.

World Ghostbusters: pick up those ghosts

Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters was another group that did not want to miss the fashion & # 39; GO Pokemon, but advised the mechanisms to implement its own gameplay to feel the skin of & # 39; Ray, Peter, Egon or Winston at the time to dedicate ourselves to capture the ghosts to share with us on the road while moving.

Of all the games on the list, we can assure you that the World Ghostbusters proposal is the most diverse of all We put on those who will not only dedicate ourselves to clean the streets of & # 39; the ghost when we try inqabduhom, but we can also make them fight other characters, invellawhom and dedicate ourselves to achieve the mission.

Moreover, is one of the games Most take advantage of augmented reality, Since it will have to move on phone point to ghost We want nsiruċċaw, but we also inattivaw camera, that does not mean we still getting a move on our equipment from one place to another as if we were keep the Ghostbusters proton gun.

S & # 39; & # 39 common with you, Pokemon GO?

The purpose of the World Ghostbusters is we catch a ghost in sight the map to show us the surrounding streets. Each of them has its own statistics and levels we can make them rising by giving items that will receive on-site by them or to get more going through some portals we will see reflected on the screen.

These places, making the function & # 39; Poképarada, do not coincide exactly with & # 39; the same places that we know f & # 39; GO Pokemon, which have similar similarities and new or do not exist directly. There will also be missions to complete, Among which there will be some challenges & # 39; daily, & # 39; weekly or & # 39; challenges require that we we play longer.

Ghosts rrepetejna we like it or not we nħelsuhom, will jippremjati with us & # 39; new objects, which is another good method to achieve them. On the other hand, also internal purchase, And quite expensive, to accelerate the times & # 39; & # 39 waiting; elements, acquiring more objects, makes no coins to & # 39; other products or costumes for nimmodifikaw image of our character, We can change the eyes, hairstyle or color of skin.

Ghostbusters World 02

What makes it different?

The way to catch the ghosts will comprise attakkhom without stop with our proton gun. Our enemies will level & # 39; life will have to reduce certain amount before throw-away trap which we npoġġuhom before nqabduhom, although it is possible to escape it. In addition, the ghosts can also attack and weaken us, but we will counterattacking to neutralize those ebbs and b & # 39; so return the impact.

Personally, what I like the most about everything is to the game his own story where we are going to talk with the characters and the scenes featuring simulation comic vignettes. F & # 39; this mode we will pass different missions screens, Among which there will be some who want to do the ghost of our team, consisting of four & # 39; them, others come to fight.

The battles will appear as RPG, As it will turn, we choose the attacks we want to perform well and we expect the bar to recharge their attack before making the next step, as it happens against our opponents. To worsen things, there will be times when we have planting heads even with our guns protons, there are occasions to use more weapons jġegħluna b & # 39; health and well out studying their movement patterns to overcome.

Finally, we emphasize the fact that the game incorporates text chat where we can write messages to other players around the world to read.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: the bet of & # 39; NIANTIC for 2019

Although f & # 39; this article we talked about other games for which you & # 39; pouring & # 39; if already tired from GO Pokemon, during 2019 all expected the arrival of many other promising proposals, Especially one of them, like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the – NIANTIC next project, So we expect its release as water May.

Currently m & # 39; there are many details that have been released, but we know that players will travel the world of Muggles, their surroundings, roads and other locations while learn new spells and combat the legendary beast, Be able to form a team with & # 39; other magic to jisparawhom.

For the time being it is possible to sign on their official website to be aware of any news. Server already done so not because he tired of GO Pokemon, but It never hurts & # 39; to have the second option in the event that your future updates and improvements do not end up meeting expectations.

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