Thursday , August 11 2022

"Impressive": The praised game & # 39; "Tia Maca" in return for his comment "Pasapalabra" | And TV Show


Tonight, in "The League & # 39; Best" a & # 39; Pasapalabra, The contestant Macarena Derado, Popularly known as "Aunt Maca ", Returned to Chilevisión program & # 39; success.

In its recrudescence, the doctor led to the Orange team, was also included Nicolás Larrain and Mariela Sotomayor.

Within section "The Binary ', Macarena raised her best days in the competition, having prepared the concept needed for pain in the first antecedent.


"Thanks to this, there are many fortune 'commented Julian Elfenbein a track, and Macarena replied: "Heaven", B & # 39; correct way. "You & # 39; tispjegali how he do it?", Nicolás answered Larrain surprised. "Impressive," Elfenbein added.

The – achievement was translated as an important boost for – ROSCO: With & # 39; so, the "Aunt Maca has been added" 5 seconds more for his team, which clearly was surprised by the ability of the contestant, whose name has become one of the most commented concepts Twitter.

Here, you & # 39; to see the exact moment & # 39; success.

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