Saturday , July 24 2021

In Alexis

Manchester United live a beautiful moment with & # 39; Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who, like the Red Devil fans, looks the best version of & # 39; Alexis Sanchez, the highest paid man in the Premier League luxury.

Seven & # 39; Seven & # 39; consecutive wins achieved by United from Solskjaer took office after the failure of & # 39; José Mourinho. The Norwegian of the permanent smile, not ntmissx for fans of the target & # 39; unforgettable triumph in the Champions League final against Bayern from 1998 to 1999 in Munich, welcomed a hobby that lost the joy. Now everything is optimism, although in victory 2-1 against Brighton there was some discomfort for a more performance for less. But the verdict was one. "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole". Every goal and every moment & # 39; & # 39 b stay were; for human dedication to return the red illusion.

Seven & # 39; Seven & # 39; is the key number & # 39; United. George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo made history by & # 39; that number. "Ronaldo is the best player I saw in & # 39; Manchester. What I saw him do, not having seen anyone else," says Bill, one of the tour guides at Old Trafford to which was invited to La Tercera thanks & # 39; Chivas Regal, Global Partner & # 39; Spirits club whose motto is Best Blended. Bill is a fan & # 39; United and saw the glory and all the club falls in the last 50 years with the eyes & # 39; worker and fanatical.

Seven & # 39; Stay seven & # 39; minutes before Brighton and replace Lukaku Martial. 7, Alexis Sanchez, to heat most of the second half with the Belgian and Juan Mata, stay on the bench, with & # 39; that surface & # 39; dependent child on the ball can not touch. The game ends and leaves, without ending one, in the dressing room. He knows he does not bet as a precaution, but all he wants to join in & # 39; this moment & # 39; smiles, finally, comes in & # 39; Manchester. And knowing that should remain & # 39; wait until that let ribellenti muscular disease alone. Both and its new technical.

"Obviously m & # 39; is one hundred percent physically, because it has been out for quite some time. And it is normal … but he possibly be on the team in the FA Cup next week," Solskjaer said Monday on Alexis, returning to the court just before the Arsenal, which was his home for more than three years. The location is convinced owners & # 39; Manchester to hire as the star & # 39; this era.

Old Trafford, meanwhile, is another story, alone. Seven & # 39; restaurants, a hotel near the stadium financed by former players and 1,500 spot in the VIP boxes is part of the atmosphere offered by the house & # 39; one of the clubs with more & # 39; health in the world to Alexis as a permanent poster f & # 39; its every corner. He surface heart and a good time & # 39; Manchester has to switch off the criticisms & # 39; a few months ago, when it was noted by & # 39; constant that it is, nothing more or nothing less, of & # 39; the highest salary of the most spectacular in the world championship.

"We're expect. At Arsenal he showed all that can & # 39; gives Premier. With striker as a coach, like Solskjaer, he will take us to fight everything," says Mike Johnson, another fan life transports tourists from the airport. "I would say that the main tourist attraction in & # 39; Manchester is, precisely, football. Every day of & # 39; Friday the airport is filled with fans who come to see United … or the wrong color, "says Mike b & # 39; a reference to the city, an institution that road & # 39; Manchester is less visible archive & # 39; lifetime.

The issue is that in & # 39; Manchester are happy with their trident attack filled with people and, also, mostly, made at Old Trafford. Jesse Lingard (26), Marcus Rashford (21) and Anthony Martial (23) is winning the fight against Juan Mata (30), Alexis (30) and Lukaku (25). And as long as United continue to win, m & # 39; is not much intention to modify the Trident to be accompanied by Paul Pogba is very loosely to be supported by Ander Herrera and Matic.

"If Pogba is as good as new, why not Alexis?" Craig believes, drinking beer fan & # 39; half a liter of the area inside the stadium. As good English, alcohol is part of the routine before entering the field, to further enhance the existing euphoria thanks to the hero Solskjaer. In the VIP boxes, many large companies and businessmen from around the world take advantage of the meal & # 39; south, bajativo to combat the cold, in the pre-duel that turned out to be very equal, but increased range & # 39; owners & # 39; . Reducing costs does not exist in the past or in the postpartum, where 10-cancer work per milliliter of lawn planted again every summer. "According to experts, the grass here is in the best moment in its history," says Bill, the fanatika guide.

Support for the manager of the idol Solskjaer will last, at least, until mid-2019. It f & # 39; the Norwegian hand to give Alexis the importance of his name is in the Premier. At least in & # 39; Manchester, they do everything possible to make c Chilean smile again next year more gray from the city uphold. The number 7 is still waiting for answers.

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