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Amid speculation about the location of the Chinese scientist it Jiankui, Who said he managed to get two twin babies born with & # 39; immunity to the HIV virus after genetic manipulation, begin to appear new data on the controversial career specialist.

According to an investigation by the South Morning China Post, from 2015 to date geneticist received from the Chinese government amount & # 39; 41.5 million yuan, more than 4 billion burden & # 39;, To continue his research on the human genome sequence. This, as part of the development of & # 39; leading technologies to "editing" gene.

Most of the money given to him for his research had been granted in 2016, when it was part of a team & # 39; research was supported by the government & # 39; Shenzhen. It & # 39; above, as part of a program to cultivate young talent in innovation and development.

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Thanks to this funding, Jiankui He founded the company in Shenzhen Direct Genomic Biotechnology, which counts among its products GENO Care Analyzer, which uses advanced technology to jissekka genome.

It should be noted that The Chinese government has ordered an anti-investigator after you wake up controversy after the announcement of the birth of & # 39; genetically modified babies.

"We asked the health authorities of the province & # 39; Guangdong to set up immediately a thorough investigation to establish the facts", said the National Health Commission, raised the question "of & # 39; great importance ".

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