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"It has direct participation": the Prosecutor's Office against a backdrop son & # 39; Luli accused of bullying | national


Traffic telephone, graphics with posts & # 39; phone antennas to put the accused on the scene and the statements & # 39; protected witnesses.

They were part of the background to the Eastern Prosecutor's Office contributed to the 4 Court of Guarantees to request the temporary admission of children of known television personality Nicole "Luli" Moreno, an adolescent of & # 39; 16-year-old accused of qualified as frustrated homicide against another man of the same age.

The events occurred in the second night & # 39; in January, when the accused together with & # 39; two individuals (a & # 39; age) were going home of the victim in the district & # 39; Las Condes to imbuttawh.

The prosecutor Omar Mérida reported that "from the beginning to the end of & # 39; the act the accused had control over the offense", since even among the antecedents of telephone conversations & # 39; the accused were transmitted with evidence and the victim himself.

He also stated that they are qualified to act as qualified homicide (not simple) after speaking with the victim, resuming consciousness.

"In our opinion there is planning, it supports background this action was planned to be able to toqtluh, Following a previous quarrels, "explained.

Therefore, he said There 'calls to the victim to come from his home and exposing himself (…) Since fall & # 39; the trap, seen people jisparawh. "

The prosecutor argued that the accused man "is present in the homes & # 39; the accused and where the offense was committed. Participate in & # 39; anytime in action."

"It is established & # 39; the investigation is former information phone, there is a concert with & # 39; the other accused. They meet in the home of & # 39; some of them, enter the car and then go home, "he says, based on phone records and testimony of the victim and two witnesses.

Mérida is also claimed that the defendant "It tells people: this is".

"We talked about treacherija f & # 39; terms & # 39; generation & # 39; course & # 39; events that allow people who would shoot and were nominated to shoot can effectively hit the target," he says.

Therefore, he stated "The accused has a direct adolescent participation".

Finally, the prosecutor said that although the court of warranty disputes that it qualified homicide, but simple, considering aggravating circumstances be ordered risks "Denial of freedom 5 years and one day '.

Two other people were already formalized in the case, two adults stayed in & # 39; preventive custody during the 100 day period had as & # 39; investigation.

This article describes ongoing trial

There is a possibility that the charges be dismissed at the end of the investigation, for that reason The defendant m & # 39; to be regarded as guilty Justice dictates until the judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Criminal Procedure Code)

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