Sunday , May 28 2023

It is a beautiful teen actress after Young Wife, the staggering New Turkish TVN series | Television and exhibition


The young Turkish actress Cagla Simsek (17) He became a star in & # 39; country after games ZEHRA, A girl of 13 years who is forced by her father to marry someone who does not love to pay family debts Malta young woman, The new series will tiddebutta TV on TVN in & # 39; January in prime time.

However, the career of & # 39; Cagla began at the age of & # 39; 5 television when recorded as an extra for a television series. From that moment, it was ascending career wrietha example in her native country because in addition to shine on television, is a very good student in her formal education which gained important merits for the performance of her school.

F & # 39; country, the actress is also known to play Reyhan in romance Elif. There, is the best friend & # 39; Elif and fight to help to the girl at all obstacles that prepares life.

in young woman, Meanwhile, ZEHRA, his character, must survive constant hardship must leave his family and settle in the mansion with his new husband.


Isolated from her loved ones will be Melek, her teachers, will begin struggle to relieve from unfair fate traditions imposed on it, though none imagine that its alliance will uncover secrets from the past that will be joining forever.

Impact & # 39; the soap opera, dealing with ill-treatment of women with drama and reality, t is biddlitha f & # 39; success & # 39; finishing in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North America the & # 39; South, which reached a large audience in Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Argentina, and changed the young woman into an international star.

Currently the actress, who was born in & # 39; Istanbul, has 17 years and is a very important figure in social networks where eg on Instagram has more than 564 000 followers. There, it shares most daring pictures we see in teleseriji, including ring in the navel, neck and transparencies. He also publish photos of the records of his projects, and his travels inside and abroad.

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