Saturday , December 4 2021

Jaime Valdes thinks leaving to Colo Colo and talking advance


The "PAJARO" Pedrero to meditate to leave, despite having another year & # 39; contract. One of the possible destinations is Palestino, which already had contacts.

Jaime Valdes thinks leaving to Colo Colo. The midfielder & # 39; 37 years must again reinvent his career at another club, although he had a contract with the Cacique by the end of 2019, its intention is to take air in & # 39; club another.

"The 2018 was lower than when I arrived, so I'm ready to be discarded." F & # 39; that occasion, according to what he wrote on social networks, his idea was already clear, however, expressions of & # 39; affection from fans motivawh to continue.

F & # 39; that scenario, the second half was even lower for the driver. With some continuity, he also deals damage riġelella & # 39; knee.

How did you know maybe CDF News, Valdes has already made contact with leaders & # 39; Palestino, a club that m & # 39; has trouble opening a space for him, given his training there. The hours are important for the future of the midfielder.

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